15 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

Shoulder baring spring 2015 fashion trends

With the official start of the New Year, we are seriously thinking about the next season’s biggest fashion trends. Well we have done our homework to bring you the hottest trends for your wardrobe makeover in Spring 2015.


While few of the trends were subtle, others were not, some paid tribute to the 1970s while some sported the casual sporty look, off shoulder silhouettes, tiered skirts and gingham prints are going to be big this season. Keep reading to identify the key spring 2015 fashion trends.

Gingham Prints

Gingham Prints Sping 2015 Fashion Trends

Fall was about plaids and spring brings us the tiny check. While they aren’t new, the designers have found a new way of presenting them. Showcased in a wide array of colors, they surely wouldn’t be a traditional wear any more. Choose a large or small size of this print for a perfect street style this spring.

The 1970s

Wide leg pants spring 2015 fashion trends

Almost every season we see a flashback on the runways. While 1970s have won this year, don’t expect to rock the full-fledged bell-bottoms this season. The trend is included subtly through retro lapel shapes with contrasting colors and lots of denims. Flared and full and wide pants are going to be big this spring. Keep your tops slim for a cool contrast to the baggy pants.

Animal Prints

animal prints spring 2015 fashion trends

While the classic leopard print was a big trend in Fall 2014, spring uses less ordinary animal prints. Crabs, scorpions, jellyfish, seahorses and chameleons found their place on beautiful dresses and gowns.

Shirt dresses

shirt dress spring 2015 fashion trends

Designers gave a new dimension to this classic shape with drop waists, high slits and more. Sexy yet chic, we are sure this trend is surely going to turn heads.


Yellow spring 2015 fashion trends

While many may consider that this isn’t for them, there are a wide variety of shades available; amber, canary, saffron and marigold for everyone. We are sure that you can find the hue that complements your skin tone.


Black and white spring 2015 fashion trends

While black and white is nothing new, the season made the combination interesting with various textures, patterns and silhouettes.

Blue and White

blue and white spring 2015 fashion trends

If black and white is too monotonous for you, try the subtler version. Make a statement with this color combination without adding any color.

Colored Suede

colored suede spring 2015 fashion show

While suede might not be great for spring, this material has got a makeover with pastel purples, blues and even red and yellows.

Shoulder baring Suits

Shoulder baring spring 2015 fashion trends

This year the designer gave a new dimension to power suits with their shoulder baring looks. Whether you opt for an off shoulder or a bold one shoulder necklines, this is going to be the best way to showcase any women’s finest asset.

Military Green

military green spring 2015 fashion trends

Designers have prepped you to take a wild adventure this spring with the military green trend. Creations like khaki trench dresses, poncho coats, fern prints were all seen sporting the olive drab shade.

Head-to-toe White

White spring 2015 fashion trends

The trick is how you wear this trend. The styling trick for this season is to include various textures, layer multiple pieces and pair different shades of the same color.


Stripes spring 2015 fashion trends

While stripes have always been on spring runway, don’t opt for the bigger versions. Instead designers this year have toyed with various placements and colors to give a new look to the stripes trend.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts spring 2015 fashion trends

Pop that color and channel your inner strength by wearing this sport theme this season.

Apron Skirt

Apron skirt spring 2015 fashion trends

Spring brings us the new layering trick for the fashion girl. Rock a skirt over a dress for a visually striking look.