50 reasons why I dont share my apartment… :)

Young, working and happy go lucky type… well I might seem like a loner to you at times as i stay alone but trust me not sharing my apartment has nothing to do with it…

I am a social person and I like meeting people. Have loads of friends and I love hanging out with them but then I love staying alone too. I am such a staunch supporter of this theory that I couldn’t resist the urge to write a blog on it. 

So here I am, eliciting the reasons why you…oops I stay alone 🙂 

1. Its my flat and I can keep it the way I like
2. Things are in the same place where you left them in the morning before going to work
3. You no longer share your bed, sheets, blankets with anyone…they are all yours
4. The dishes are mine so I can clean them when I want to
5. I can sleep with the lights on
6. I can watch a movie or read a book till the morning
7. No wait for the bathroom
8. I can play music at the highest volume possible
9. The food is of my choice and is MINE only
10. I can come when I want and leave when I want 
11. No compulsion or feeling of guilt for your roommate
12. I am the only ONE who takes decisions for my house
13. Waking up to somebody else’s alarms
14. No late night door bell calls 
15. I no longer need to think that ‘your roommates life is more happening than yours’
16. No roommate bitching around
17. No stupid fights and awkward moments of silence
18. No strangers coming in
19. No sharing of closet, clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes… that’s so very irritating
20. The TV is all mine and I can watch what I want when I want
21. No more dirty bathroom
22. No more (unsaid) sharing of toiletries
23. No interference in anything possible
24. I can throw my purse where I want without wondering where I left it
25. No fear that you need to move out if things don’t work
26. No need to be FAKE anymore 
27. You destroy your relationship as friends by moving in together
28. No more leaving toothpaste, hair, muck, or goo in the bathroom sink
29. No more peeing all over the toilet seat. When was the last time you enjoyed sitting in someone else’s pee?
30. No more frowning because your roommate is snoozing her alarm clock 20 times before waking up at 8 in the morning
31. Using stuff that is not yours without asking, figuring no one will notice. Really? This means that you are generally just an asshole.
32. I do not need to answer the doorbells every morning while someone is else I enjoying her sleep.
33. No more girlfriend or boyfriend present all the time. Yes, you love each other, that’s very sweet. Your roommates might even really like your significant other, but too much of a good thing is still annoying. It’s also possible that your roommates can’t stand your boyfriend or girlfriend, and don’t tell you this because they know you’d be offended. Either way, if you two don’t live together there is somewhere else you can hang out besides your place.
34. No more messing up something that isn’t yours and failing to fix or replace it.
35. No more asking for favors you know i won’t want to do, knowing i’ll say yes anyway. You’re taking advantage of my kindness, and the few hours you might spend looking hot in that borrowed shirt isn’t worth the irritation you’ve have caused.
36. No more attention- seeking roommates. There will be times you really need to talk and vent out. That’s cool and all, but it’s important to remember that your roommates are not your therapists. They are not obligated to ask you what’s wrong when you sit on the couch and sigh heavily every few minutes while looking dejected. Chances are they’ve already noticed your puppy dog eyes and are hiding from them to avoid yet another unnecessarily dramatic conversation. Save the moping for your room.
37. No more of putting up embarrassing pictures on Facebook. Taking pictures that you know would embarrass your roommate is okay as long as no one else ever sees it. Putting the picture on the social networking sites just makes you look like a total bitch. 
38. Leaving the lights on when you don’t need them. Way to run up the electric bill, douchebag. 
39. No more using all the hot water when you know I have to get ready too
40. No more leaving food in the fridge for a long, long time. It stinks. Literally.
41. Not showering. If you got really sweaty at any point in the day, you probably stink. Even if it’s been several hours and “it dried,” you still stink. When you lay on the bed, the bed will stink. Simply, you may not mind your stench, but I do.  Especially dirty feet; if you have even the slightest suspicion that your feet are dirty, wash them before going to bed because that is just fucking disgusting.
42. No more getting Excessively Drunk and Burdening: If you feel the need to get so drunk that you end up throwing up, at least find a quiet dark place to do it, and clean it up yourself.
43. Saying you will complete tasks, but failing to do so
44. Abusing utilities at your Roommates Expense
45. No more using my Things and Leaving Them On
46. Irritation as you are Not Doing Fair Share of Household Chores: No one used to do that at home.  Some jobs need doing i.e. changing bed covers, cleaning closets, taking out the trash, washing dishes, bringing dishes etc etc. I am not the only one who is supposed to do all this.  Failing to ever assist with these tasks makes you a big pain in the ass.
47. Making Excuses for Jobs: Protesting the washing of dishes because roommates fail to rinse dishes only works if you are the only one who consistently washes dishes.  If this is your excuse for NEVER having done the dishes then you just sound like a little bitch who is effectively saying: “The reason I don’t do jobs is because I don’t like to.”  Get a grip, nobody likes doing jobs and everybody has something about it that is particularly unpleasant for them.  FUCKING DEAL and stop being a little bitch.
48. Always Being Right: Don’t be an insufferable know-it-all who has to argue every point.
49. Ignoring Comfort Levels: Everyone has a comfort threshold, avoid overstepping your roommates comfort levels.  
50. No more unnecessary grocery expenses for things that I don’t eat, drink or need