9 DIY creative candle decor


Do you love candles? Do you have candles piled up and are looking for some elegant options to put them on display? Candles are classy, elegant and budget friendly decorative items that come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and forms. You just need few great, easy to do ideas to get creative with them. Here are few options to help you out.


Coffee candle


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This is a stunning way of displaying any small candles that you might have.  Select small bowls and fill them to the top with coffee beans. Choose a flavor with the aroma that you like. Place a votive candle on the top and its done!

Apple candle

apple candle DIY

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This creative way of candle display is simple yet creative. Carve out a small section out of the apple; just ensure that it’s big enough to hold the candle stand. Pop the stand inside with the candle on top. Decorate with some red twigs and light it up for a cute homey look.

Jar filled with wine corks


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Finally you can put all of those wine corks to use and create a masterpiece. Fill a glass jar with wine corks and then place a candle on the top. Alternatively, you can also place a clear glass candle inside the jar and add some more corks to fill the remaining area around.

Floating candles


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Just fill a clear glass with water and add colored balls to it. Add a floating candle and done!

Elegant centerpiece

floating candle centerpiece

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You must have seen them in wedding and now you can bring their class and elegance at home. Select a large clear glass vase of your choice. Fill the bottom with rocks or glass beads. Add water and some flowers to it. Place small floating candles and you have a simple yet sophisticated centerpiece.

Branch candles

branch candles

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If you want a rustic way to display your candles, here’s how you can do it. Take a tall clear vase, put some small branches in it, fill it water and place a floating candle. The light from the candle will make the vase glow and will make your home cozier.

Wine glass candle

wine glass candle decor

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You can add color to your room with a few simple steps. Turn three wine glasses upside down. Using spray paint (you can buy it any hardware store or online), spray the glass with two coats of paint. You can use a separate color for the stem. Finally place a small candle on the base of the wine glass. Decorate with false leaves and flowers.This is truly inspiring!

Buttoned candle stand

buttoned candle DIY

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Take some short clear glasses and paste buttons on the outside. Voila! It looks great and is really easy to do.

Cinnamon stick candle


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All you need is a rubber band, cinnamon sticks and a candle. Place a rubber band around your candle and then place the sticks under the rubber band. Add sticks of various lengths to add more rustic feel. Once the candle is filled with sticks, wrap a ribbon around the rubber band to cover it.  Beautify the amazing décor as you would like.

If you have some interesting candle decoration ideas, feel free to share it with our readers.