Aquarium- Feng Shui Tips

aquarium feng shui tips

Home is a place where you spend quality time with your family and would like it to be a happy place. But there at times when you feel things are not going in the right way and there is a lot of negative energy around you. Well you have one option of approaching a Vastu consultant and the other option is to get a fish aquarium for your house to get rid of the negative energy.

aquarium feng shui tips

Water signifies the flow of wealth, prosperity and life. An aquarium brings good energy especially if it is a home for healthy and lively fishes. It symbolizes growth. It helps in balancing and enhancing the five elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

Feng Shui elements in an Aquarium-

  • Water Element (Water in the aquarium)
  • Wood Element (Plants in the aquarium)
  • Metal Element (Aquarium structure)
  • Earth Element (Gravel at the bottom of the aquarium)
  • Fire Element (Golden, red or orange colors of fishes)

Where to keep?

  • Aquarium shouldn’t be keep anywhere in the house apart from living room.
  • The best direction is southeast corner or north.
  • Aquarium if kept in bedroom would leave you with a disturbed and unsettled mind.
  • If you place it in the kitchen, it might cause food poisoning and indigestion.
  • Do not place your aquarium near a window or where it can be exposed to sunlight as it promotes algae growth in the aquarium.
  • Do not place aquarium near an area with heavy traffic as fishes can easily be disturbed by people moving around the tank or by frequently moving objects
  • Do not place it near a door as fishes can get scared and shocked by the frequent opening and closing of doors.
  • Placing an aquarium near an air conditioner, radiator or a vent can kill fishes due to the frequent temperature changes.

The benefits of fish aquarium-

  • Fish aquarium is one of the best remedy to derive financial benefits.
  • It also drives away all the evil effects and energy from the house and enhances good luck.
  • An aquarium should ideally consist of 9 fishes of which 8 should be goldfish and one should be black moor fish.
  • If the fish dies, it means that the bad elements are going out of the house. Replace it with another fish.
  • It’s the best way to attract the energy of wealth.
  • Just by looking at the aquarium would help you in relaxing your mind.

Hope this article helps you in getting rid of your ailments by placing an aquarium at your home or office. Let us know how it worked for you.