How to celebrate Father’s day?

Oimagesur childhood was nurtured by his love and care. He is the first man in your life. He held you when you cried, scolded you when you broke the rules, stood by you to support you, had faith in you when you had lost yours. It’s time to show him your love and affection. With father’s day around the corner, on 16th June, we come with some interesting ideas to make it a special day for him.


  1. Let him enjoy his day. Take care of his morning to-do lists so that he can relax. Let him have his share of extra sleep that he needs.
  2. Prepare a lavish and special breakfast. You can start with serving him his breakfast and newspaper in bed along with his favorite cup of coffee.
  3. Clean his car. That’s the best way to treat your father.
  4. you can try to make it a family day wherein the entire family can come together to celebrate this day. Include all the fathers in the family and take them out for lunch, golf, beach or any other favorite spot of dad’s.
  5. You can setup any all day activities like going out for a picnic or a family barbecue, or a fishing trip, sporting event or golfing.
  6. If you plan to stay indoors for the day, prepare a delicious lunch for him. Remember the age old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Do not forget to add on the desserts to the menu.
  7. Clean the dishes, while your father can just sit and settles in his food.
  8. In the evening you can get him cooking with the kids. Let them create the mess and enjoy some family time together.
  9. Play some sport together. Whether your father is a pro in golf or not, he would definitely enjoy a fun filled afternoon with his kids.
  10. You can also take him out for some bowling together or can treat him with tickets to a baseball game or cricket match.

The perfect end to the day would be by celebrating it with some old memories. Walk down the memory lane by gifting him a collage or a photo album.

In the end, do not forget to hug him and tell him how special he is.