How to make your home cozier?

how to make your home cozier

Our home reflects our personality. We all want a home that is welcoming, beautiful, comfortable and functional. Grand rooms with expensive decor look great but the kind of charm that a small, warm and comfortable space offers can’t be ignored either. A cozy house would meet your needs and would also invite visitors in. Apart from cleaning the house, maintaining hygienic toilets and tidy kitchen, there are some other tips on how to make your home cozier and welcoming.


Comfortable Furniture

how to make your home cozier

Everyone who is welcomed in the home should feel comfortable when they get in. Furniture is one of the main factors which set the comfort levels in your room. We always look for furniture which is great to look on, ignoring the coziness that it offers. The perfect bed or sofa for your room wouldn’t be the pretty one but would be the one in which you can just curl up, feel comfortable and relaxed. Think what would be the ideal sofa to sit on and work on getting it done. For inspiration check out Ikea’s new catalogue for 2015.

Do not buy furniture that goes with each other. Try to mix pieces with different styles to make the place more inviting. A slight compromise on the matching looks of the furniture would be a great idea to make your home a better place.

Fabrics in natural tones

how to make your home cozier

Warm up your room with fabrics in natural tones and textured prints. Colors have the ability to lift up your mood and elicit various emotions. Cooler colors like green, blue and purple can enhance a room while warmer shades like orange, browns and red can make the room compact and more inviting.

Vintage Items

how to make your home cozier

Accessories which are ancient add a charm to the room. An old leather chair, a worn out table, a large mirror, a gramophone or an antique lamp add interesting warmth and personal touch to your room. Make the home more welcoming by adding texture to it by surrounding yourself with things that you would want to touch.


how to make your home cozier

One of the most important factors contributing to the look and feel of a room is lighting.  They can make a room appear bigger, taller, cozier and more inviting. It’s important to have multiple light sources in a living room. Have brighter ceiling lights for large gatherings and table lamps and subtle lighting for a smaller group.

Small Details

how to make your home cozier

Fresh flowers, photo wall, nice fragrance are few things that visitors will notice when they enter your house. For tips to create a photo wall, read here. Cleaning your house is great but visitors come to visit you and not to inspect your house. No one expects your house to be perfect; it just needs to be more relaxing and authentic.

Try adding more texture to your home to make it more interesting. Natural textures like stone, marble, leaves, wood add delight. Cleanliness is a must for a cozy home.

Natural elements

how to make your home cozierAdd natural elements from the outdoors to create a cozy organic look. Flowers, plants, aquarium add life to your home.

Personal Touch

how to make your home cozier

Surround yourself with the things you love. Your precious memories, photos, favorite paintings can give your home a personalized touch. It will give your home a personality of its own. Keeping it up with the latest trends don’t reflect your taste and doesn’t exude warmth. When you are at home, you should have a sense of belonging there.

If you have any more tips of making your home cozy and comfortable, please do share it with our readers in the comments section below.

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