How to wear Stripes?

how to wear stripes
Spring and summers represent the time when bright colors and patterns are in trend and designers move away from the muted tones of greys, blacks and blues of the colder months.

Though pastels and bright colors are really popular this season, most of the fashion designers this SS13 are focusing on the extremely popular fashion trend with the return of the stripes.

Stripes are in this season available in a wide variety of colors, width and patterns (horizontal, vertical , diagonal)With the bad reputation associated with stripes that they make you look fat, it is very difficult to adopt this fashion trend in your wardrobe. Let all the hesitation go away with these steps on how to include them to give you a new persona.

So go ahead and take a splurge to find out new ways to add a little spice to your wardrobe this summer with these tips on how to wear stripes.

how to wear stripesTip #1

The major thing to remember while wearing stripes is that they add volume to your figure. So if you have thin uppers, add a striped shirt and if you have smaller butt, you can add a striped pencil skirt to balance out your figure.

Add a little volume to your lower body by a mix of horizontal and vertical stripes with this Mango striped dress


how to wear stripes

Tip #2

Don’t let the pattern be dominant on your figure. So if you have smaller figure, choose smaller pattern for bigger frame choose bigger stripes.

This striped t-shirt with bright and contrast colors would fit any occassion and would look great with a pair of skinny fit jeans or white trousers.


how to wear stripes


Tip #3

Find the perfect fit with stripes. Choose an outfit which fits you well and has brighter shades.

This light knit sweater from United colors of Benetton in bright colors with a pleasant look. Match it with a pair of brown corduroy pants and tan Oxford shoes for a cute peppy look.


how to wear stripes


Tip #4

Horizontal stripes make a little bigger frame look thinner.

Pair this casual striped top from Pepe jeans with skinny fit jeans or khaki shorts for the perfect summer look. This would be a great addition to your casual wardrobe. The fit of the top would make your collar bones prominent and would give you the chic look you desired for.

how to wear stripesstriped clutch

Tip #5

Accessorize with stripes.Add a punch to your outfit by choosing accessories with multi colored stripes. A headband, scarf or a handbag is a great way to be a part of the trend if you can’t wear them.

Belt– This belt with stripes can give a peppy feel to any outfit when paired with trousers or jeans. This belt from French connection is bound to jazz up your outfit and pump up your style.

Footwear–  Show off the trend on your feet. Add on the kick by these striped woven linen  shoes for a laid back look.

Bags– Celebrate these summers in style with these bright color combination shopping bags  from Mango

how to wear stripes Tip #6

Vertical stripes make you look longer. Long and skinny stripes make you look longer. Team these striped pants with a solid colored blouse to have the perfect look this season.

how to wear stripes

Tip #7

Go chic with these striped t shirts at college or at work. Pair them up with shorts, skinny jeans or slim fit trousers for the picture- perfect look.