Monochromes- How to wear them?

monochromes:how to wear them


monochromes:how to wear them

Wondering what to add on to your wardrobe this spring/summer 2013? It couldn’t get simpler with the monochrome trend in this season. The eternal colors; black and white are back with a bang this spring. From stripes, chevrons, geometric prints, checks, polka-dots or just the solid colors paired together, the trend was all over the fashion street. A splash of black and white can lift a boring outfit to a buzzy one. The look is simple, sophisticated and uniquely stylish.

Loads of designers embraced the trend this summer including Giles, Louis Vuitton and Jil Sander.

The look is based on only two colors, black and white complemented with edgy accessories.

Styling tips for embracing the Monochrome trend-

  • Abstract prints, checks, stripes or just the solid colors paired together. Make sure the outfit balances your body frame.
  • Accessories should be of the same color tone or you can also complement your monochrome look with bright colors- red, pink, green or blue.
  • Wear heels, wedges or stilettos to enhance the elegance of the look.
  • Find the perfect fit while wearing monochromes. Loose and misfit dresses can cause a fashion disaster.
  • Use black to hide the areas you don’t like and white to highlight your assets.
  • If you have fuller hips or thighs, wear a dress with black on the bottom half.
  • For fuller bust or wide shoulders, wear black on the top half.
  • Use black on arms to make them look slimmer.
  • Use stripes on the top, for those who want to have a fuller bust.

Monochromes for Office- 

monochromes for office

  • Keep it simple and minimalistic.
  • Accessorize with metallics to add a pinch of glitz and glamour to our outfit. The color of the accessories should be either black or white.
  • Complement the look with classic black stilettos or wedges in neutral shades.
  • Black pencil skirts with tailored fit white shirt, is a classic office wear.
  • Use black handbags for an elegant and sophisticated look.

Monochrome for a Party- 

monochromes for party

  • Accessorize with metals with a tinge of gold or silver.
  • Add a black belt to your outfit to enhance your waistline.
  • Spice up your outfit with bright colored handbags (red, pink, blue, yellow or green).
  • Wear stilettos to add glamour to your outfit.
  • Do a Smokey eye makeup to complement the look for the evening.

Monochrome for a casual day- 

monochromes for casual day


  • Monochromes in floral prints work best for a casual wear.
  • Complement the look with accessories in the same neutral shades of beige and browns.

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