Pencil Skirt- A wardrobe essential

how to wear a pencil skirt

How to wear a pencil skirt?

A pencil skirt is a must have in your wardrobe this summer. To add to the versatility of your wear, look for a pencil skirt with a straight fit. Though it might seem that pencil skirts only look good on slim women, but women who have curves are can flaunt it by wearing a pencil skirt without worrying about the size. Of course the styling of the skirt would differ according to your body type and occasion.

Length of the skirt-

Pencil skirts come in varied length- around knee, slightly above it or below it. You can buy the skirt you want and can get the length adjusted.

It is however important to take care that short women generally have short legs and if you are not slim you will look shorter with a very short skirt. Short skirt would also make you look heavier. A long pencil skirt would also not look good on women with short stature; hence knee length is the best suited option for you.

Properly fitted

Look for a properly fitted straight pencil skirt which fits you well around your waist and hips. It should be too tight or too loose. If you see horizontal wrinkles on the skirt around your waist and hips, it is too tight for you. The fit should be comfortable so that you can sit in it.

how to wear a pencil skirtHourglass body type-


Buy a skirt that fits well on your hips. You can get the waist adjusted later on. Wear it with a v neck blouse and tuck it in to show your waist line. Either add a broad belt to enhance your waist line or just go on and buy a waist trainer.

how to wear a pencil skirt

Inverted triangle body type-


Women who have broad shoulders and narrow hips fall in this category. Buy a pencil skirt that narrows down so that it can enhance the shape of your figure.

how to wear stripes Pear shaped body type-

The most common body type in which the hips are larger than the bust and the waist gradually slopes down to the butts. Wear a pencil skirt fitted on your hips with a v neck peplum top or a ruffled one.


how to wear a  pencil skirt

Straight body type


It would be difficult for you to find a properly fitted pencil skirt. Hence choose one which fits you properly around the waist. You can team the skirt with a narrow belt and a stylish top.


According to occasion

how to wear a pencil skirt how to wear a pencil skirt how to wear a pencil skirt for work
Party wear-Leather pencil skirt looks great while clubbing Day wear-Denim pencil skirt teamed with flats and a simple tee looks great as a day wear. Work-Wear a pencil skirt with nice fitted blouse and heels for a day at work. Match the skirt with a blazer for that professional look.