Perfect Makeup- 8 easy steps to look Flawless!

There is a natural order for most of the things in life; High school, graduation, job. Love, marriage, kids. However some things like applying makeup can get a little more complicated.

makeup 1

Should I apply the foundation first or the concealer? Lips or eyes first? Eyeliner or mascara? While there is not a definitive formula of putting together a perfect makeup, this is still good order to start working with.

                                1. Primer or Moisturizer

You should ideally choose one of the two and never both. No matter how light is the moisturizer; it will affect the texture of the primer. Whichever is your choice, do remember to get in your SPF through it. The moisturizer or the primer will help the foundation and concealer to slide in smoothly and should go first.

                                2. Foundation

Well there will definitely be fallouts while you are doing your eyes. Yet it would be easier to remove the fallout with the foundation on than on bare skin. You can correct all your mistakes with a finishing touch.

                                3. Concealer

Look at your face with a critical eye and add concealer. Foundation would have already done half of your job and the rest would be taken care of by the concealer. Use concealer only on the areas where you need it. Apply concealer in stripes using a brush and then blend in.

                                4. Powder

If you are using a liquid foundation, set your makeup with a powder and kabuki brush to get rid of that extra shine.

                                5. Highlighter

Create the illusion of highlights and give some definition to your face using a highlighter. Use a cream or powder highlighter in the darkest areas of your face to give an instant lift: underneath your brows, inner corners of the eyes, in the center of your cupid’s bow and on the upper side of your cheekbones to lift your face.

                                6. Eyebrows

Fill in your eyebrows if you have thin or sparse ones. The color of the brow pencil should be close to the natural color of your hair. Start off from the edges and fill in the center. Use short strokes in the same direction of your hair growth.

                                7. Eyes or Lips

Well you can start off with either of the two.

For Eyes: Shadow > Liner > Mascara. You can always go back to the shadow to layer. To add an extra pop to your eyes, curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara. Start closer to the roots and then move towards the ends.

For Lips: Lip Balm> Liner > Lipstick > Lip Gloss (if needed).

                               8. Cheeks

Doing the cheeks in the end would help in tying the eyes and lips together. Also if your eyes have a fall out, you can take care of them first, instead of spoiling your blush and contour. Add depth to your face with contouring by using a bronzer, which is a few shades darker than your skin tone. Add some contouring to the hollows of your cheekbones and on the sides of your nose. Too much of blush? Apply a bit of foundation over it to lighten the effect.