Photo Wall: Tips and Ideas


Staring at a blank wall? We know it can be really difficult and overwhelming to arrange your photos and favorite artworks. Creating a photo gallery is the perfect way to make a personal statement at your home. It is an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you like. Follow these simple ideas, and we are sure you can never go wrong!


Tips To Create a Photo Wall

  1. While arranging pictures in a photo wall, ensure that the center image of the photo wall is at eye level i.e. 60-66” roughly.
  2. The pictures should either be colored or black and white. However if you are showcasing art, you can work with a variety of colorful display or use works in a similar color palette to complement the space.
  3. Use frames in similar color, style and matting for the perfect look.
  4. Create a creative and unique style by using a variety of frame sizes.
  5. Introduce a main picture in the wall and make it the focal point.
  6. Create a virtual layout on the floor or on the wall before hanging the pictures to confirm the arrangement.
  7. You can use your pictures to say a story about your travels or experiences.
  8. To give uniformity, maintain a uniform distance between the pictures.
  9. When hanging pictures above a furniture, leave at least a distance of eight inches between the base of the lowest frame and the top of the furniture.

Placement of Pictures

Here are some ideas for the placement of pictures. You can get more creative taking inspiration from these:

Photo wall ideas

  • Grandeur

This type of photo arrangement is awesome for hanging family portraits. It hierarchical and has one bigger photo which is primary and balances the rest of the smaller pictures

  • Perfect Fit

This balanced and symmetrical order of arranging pictures looks fabulous when done on a staircase. The flight of stairs breaks the monotony of the rising symmetry pattern.

  • Chain Reaction

This placement of pictures is awesome for the lovers of symmetry, who are looking for a balanced way of creating a photo wall.

  • Centered

A great way to create a gallery is to have a centered large picture surrounded by smaller pictures. While the bigger picture draws the attention, the smaller frames accentuate the effect due to the difference in size.

  • Niche

This is a great option for creating a photo wall in your living room. It is symmetrical, yet creates an illusion of randomness due to the variety of sizes incorporated in the theme.

  • On the Shelf

The asymmetry of the pictures frames placed on the shelf gives a balanced look to the photo wall.

  • Close Knit

Despite the variation in sizes and the randomness of the arrangement, this photo wall gives a unique style to your wall.

  • Simply Stated

Want to share your family portraits on your photo wall, this is the arrangement you should opt for.

  • Just because

A simple yet elegant display of pictures on your wall.

Still working on finalizing the design for your photo wall? Have a look at the pictures we love.

Photo wall

The pictures above the sofa are hung in perfect symmetry with a clear division between the two levels creating the perfect story.

Photo wall

This symmetrical arrangement of exact frame size is perfect for limited spaces. The different colors give a new dimension to the wall and appear like a single collage.

photo wall

The black and white pictures create an elegant and sophisticated display.

Photo wall

The perfect display of pictures over a staircase created with a variety of frames in different shapes and sizes. Despite the randomness, they create a pattern.

Photo wall

Yet another creative display of black and white pictures for the living room.

photo wall

The best of all, this photo wall is an awesome way to depict a story. The lovely combination of colors complemented with some gorgeous pieces is sure to turn some eyeballs.

Need a little more design templates for inspiration; check out these layouts from Melissa Davis Designs.

How to create a photo wall


How to create a photo wall

Still not convinced, check out some more templates from livelovediy.

photo wall

Do you have any more ideas on creating a photo wall? Please share them in the comments below.





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