RAPE- who is to be blamed??

Perhaps we must have read by now the news of a girl who was gang raped in a moving bus in Delhi. I am absolutely bereaved at the heinous incident that happened on Sunday night. I am just not able to take it out of my mind and have been reading about it all since yesterday.
What I fail to understand is the culture of our society? We are always taught by our parents and elders about the rich cultural heritage of our country. Is this is what we do in the name of culture?
On top of it, our CM says that Law and order is not in her hands. If she being a female is not able to understand the gravity of the situation, I don’t have anything else to say. We as the citizens of this country are facing the brunt of the blame game that our politicians are playing. Self-defense cannot teach us to defend a group of 5-10 people.
To top it all, this is not an ISOLATED incident; the recent public molestation in Guwahati is no different. Have the people of our nation stooped down to such a level that no one could come to rescue that girl? The only thing that these people think of is to strip a girl and have forced sex with her.  
The Laws in the country needs to get harsh, like Saudi Arabia…Something like amputation of arm or a leg, castration in public etc.. for crimes such as rapes!! Perhaps this will serve as a deterrent to those who can involve in such heinous crime.
Why is it that women are always blamed for any such situation irrespective of whether it’s their fault or not. It’s a disgrace on our society and on most importantly US!! Our social system and our police is so weak that for every ill treatment that a girl has faced, she is responsible for it.  Creating numerous women helplines would do no good till the time the guilty are punished. We call ourselves educated lot however instead of blaming the people who committed the crime we are pointing fingers at the girl.
People talk about culture, society and blame the girl for everything. You knew Delhi is not safe you shouldn’t have traveled in a bus late in night. This is such a shame. We speak of giving equal rights to women and then try to suggest what we should wear, by what time we should be at home etc. etc. If the women of the country cannot be guaranteed safety and security in the capital of the country, it just makes me wonder where are we supposed to be safe.
Who are you to tell us what a girl should wear and what not? If a girl is wearing a mini-skirt, she is provocative and a slut. Every guy on this earth has the right to rape her and physically molest her.
Yes, the rapist is always responsible for rape, not the victim. It doesn’t mean I am saying that we can’t advise women to not get into dangerous situations. If someone is walking alone in a park in the middle of the night wearing an expensive watch and gets robbed, it is still the robber’s fault. A crime has still been committed. HOWEVER, there are precautions you can take to avoid being in the situation in the first place. Telling a woman to be careful while drinking is practical advice. It is not the same thing as saying “if you ignore this practical advice, you deserve to get rape.” Ideally, there wouldn’t be criminals and I wouldn’t need to lock my car, or my apartment. But I do those things because we don’t live in an ideal world. 
Please for god sake stop blaming girls. It is not their fault. No girl wants to fall prey to these animals. If any girl has faced such a situation like this it’s not because she wore something revealing or was out till late in the night or was a SLUT.
Anyways, I am not here to change anyone’s notions, its impossible to.




  • Well said! I can still see educated people joking in Twitter about the same.
    We live in a democracy, of course we need to take precautions for such happenings, but the saddest part is most of the people do not understand how grievous this is. Why cannot a woman be safe at 9pm accompanied by a man! Why do we need to fixate our lives as per the clock. If we delve into this more we will find so many people who still thinks that the “girl should not have traveled in such a bus at that time”. But WHY?

  • abhi931 says:

    ….an exemplary punishment is the only way we can put a stop to such heinous crimes…the loopholes in our law is the only reason which is giving impetus and courage to such type of satans…we very much need the savage law of these islamic countries to salvage our country..there is no other way out..these people should be publicly humiliated before they are hanged to death..the punishment should be such that even the thought of committing such a crime sends a chill down the spine of such criminals…to hell with this pathetic system which nurses ambitions to protect us but fails miserably…

  • Manini says:

    very true abhi931 and lost for words…by merely installing CCTV cameras in the buses or creating a separate compartment in Metro doesnt ensure the safety of women in the capital…everything would fail till the time the mindset of the people doesnt change..half of such cases are not even registered because of injustice and public humiliation…
    watch this to see what our police officers have to say regarding rape victims- http://tehelka.com/the-rapes-will-go-on/

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