Things I thought I would never do

I guess we after watching ‘Zindagi na Milegi Dobara’ we all must have had a “TO-DO List” of things we want to explore in our lives. Well, if you are here to read about some exciting stuff that I have done, I guess you are at the wrong post… I am not talking here how I was able to break through the confines of my box…There is no bungee jumping, cliff diving, paragliding, deep sea diving… instead its about my day to day life…
 There are some things we always have in mind. Some things we always abstain from doing. Some which don’t seem exciting enough. Some which don’t fit into our ishtyle.
We all have a preconceived notion regarding our list of what to do and what not to do things in life. I was no different than the rest. However ever since I have crossed my teens, life seems to have taken a U-turn. It’s trying to take its revenge L by making me do things that I had sworn I would never ever even think of doing. 
But…here I am penning down my so called failures-

I had never imagined myself working overnight at office. In fact thinking of studying overnight would make me yawn. If you forget about my grades (which are as shocking to you as they are to me) I had never been a bookworm or for that matter a hardworking studious girl. Instead, I loved bunking classes, listening to music with earphones covered with my sidelocks  J and dozing off in the middle of the class. These days however I have changed so much that I want to stay back in office to finish off the back log so I don’t have to carry it back home. After all I have a life after office (no pun intended).

Seeing myself travelling by a public conveyance was nothing more than a nightmare to me. Now like a typical officegoer, I get up at 7, travel for 2 hrs in a bus, metro and then a cab to finally reach my office…phew !!!

The sun has never charmed me. I would rather stay up all night than get up early. After all mornings are the best times to sleep. Who said so… of course me !!! J But once you are earning, you really need to slog your ass to earn every penny that you get. I wish I could stay back in my bed cuddling to my pillows n cushions and sip a cup of coffee… L No matter how drowsy you feel, you need to fight your eyes, fight back your temptations to sleep and WORK !! Money in the end plays the sweetest music…

Cooking !! Hah !!! My mom never used to let me step in the kitchen with the fear that I would get myself burnt. J So just like every other spoiled child I had never prepared even maggi for myself. Thankfully I had my friends along to teach me how to cook. Initially most of it was not edible, overcooked, high on masala n salt stuff but thankfully we moved on to something better. J

I guess I can crib a little more but I need to get back to work … so I am ending this list for now…




  • Mudit Ranjan says:

    This is wht we call LIFE…. its journey where everything changes.. be it friends, luv, soulmate, etc etc… and wht matters in the end is how we deal with all those changes(Losses)..!!

    Well, it was a nice experience reading your Blog and trust me, each passing line showed the similarity with which we all are moving at this point of time…!!!

    Bless YOU..!!

  • Manini says:

    Thanks a ton mudit…i m glad u njoyed it… 😀

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