Time to put on your dAnCiNg ShOeS !!!

“God respects you when you work, but he loves you when you dance” – Sufi Saying
Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!  Itz Friday again n I m back to my blogging world…

As the fever of the weekend is soaring high, I am also reminding myself of the things that I was thinking of the entire week. Joining a swimming club was high on the list but taking into account my present physique, it would either be a nightmare or a joke for others when I would be in the pool…

Dancing seems to be a comfortable option… When you are dancing, you are your natural self. It has the power to stir, inspire, motivate or simply make you smile. It breaks you free from your traditional self.

Something I had really aspired to do when I was a student, was learning salsa. There is nothing to laugh about it. I am fond of dancing and a die-hard music fan too, so this shouldn’t be too hard to digest 😛 but alas!! My so called hectic life doesn’t give me time. Though its just a excuse, you can always find time for things you love doing. Afterall its your life and it becomes what you make it. I am a little scared these days to put on my dancing shoes and rock the dance floor. However my present weight would crack the dance floor instead of rocking it… L

But since the weekend is drawing near, its time to forget everything and groove into the music. Dim lights, awesome music with a cute DJ playing to give your heart a skip coupled with the beats on the dance floor, conspire together to entice you to the dance floor.

So this weekend, put on your dancing shoes and explore within yourself the sweetest shortcut to happiness… J




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