5 Stunning Traditional Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your New Home

traditional kitchen decor ideas

My last project in the town was for a newly wedded couple. They were settling down in their new home in a modern locality. But what really intrigued me was their old school choice in the home decor. From the colors and furniture to the artifacts and style of decor, they preferred everything traditional. After a bit of interaction, I got to realize that couple was a bit of old souls themselves. Frankly, such amazing match is rare. Impressively, they both wanted the same thing for their home interior, a classic warmth and welcoming feel in the decor.

So, when I was designing their kitchen, I had to do a bit of research for it too. Since years I have been designing modern contemporary kitchen. Hence, finding the right design for a traditional kitchen seemed to be a refreshing change for me. So, I came up with a few styles of the kitchen décor. I am going to describe five of them here for you.


traditional kitchen decor ideas

Cherry Shaker Style Décor

This is what the couple chose for their home. A dark color with the contrasting light walls, this is what actually impressed them a lot. Personally, I loved this style too. Obviously, the striking contrast and the sophisticated charm of the hues made the kitchen look really glamorous. Teamed up with copper-colored handles and knobs, the cherry Shaker Style Cabinets completed and complemented the aristocracy of the traditional décor.

White Classy Kitchen Décor

White is the classic color that makes your kitchen look stunning and pristine. So, when you are thinking of making your kitchen look aristocratic, opting for white decor can be a good choice for you. Elegant, sleek and traditional, this kitchen can be adorned with White Shakers Cabinets perfectly. Since shaker style is all about simplicity that speaks a volume, it will be a perfect minimalistic touch to your kitchen decor. Complement the decor with golden or steel metal handles and you will leave your guests in awe.

traditional kitchen decor idea

Spanish Colonial Kitchen

To give your kitchen a touch of worldly architecture, this style will be your right choice. Hand-painted Mexican tiles, the touch of warm colors and the rustic charm, this style of décor is perfect to make your kitchen a happy place. If you are thinking of making your cooking place a comfortable one, where you can spend a long time working, this style will rightly suit your requirements.

Sharp Contrast of Black and White

This style is not exactly one of the traditional kitchen decor ideas, but the contrast can easily make it a fusion of old-school style with modern functionality. Simple, sophisticated and beautiful, a black and white kitchen is a dream come true for many homemakers. Adding fine details like classy marble counter-top or check-board flooring can accentuate the beauty of classic decor style of your kitchen. Also as a side note, if you are seeking kitchen makers melbourne or nearby, you could consider companies like Made In Italy who might be able to help you with your high quality kitchen construction.

Coffered Ceiling Monochrome Kitchen

When you are designing a kitchen in monochrome, the real challenge is often to look for the ways to break the monotony. In a completely white kitchen, the paleness can be so predominant that it will suppress all the other details. For such a kitchen, think of a striking focal point like the coffered ceiling. It will add up to the vintage appeal of the kitchen. Also, it will add the illusion of space in the small kitchen. If you want to add a characteristic style of yours, think of a red bright light hanging from the ceiling.

So, now as you know about these ideas, I am sure you will find some inspiration through our traditional kitchen decor ideas. Implement these and surprise your guests with your creativity.

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