Bathroom decorating ideas: 8 easy ways for a makeover

bathroom decorating ideas

When you are tired of walking into your dated bathroom, you know it’s time to give it a makeover! Once you have got the boring things sorted like plumbing installation sourced from a website similar to, you can focus on the more appealing jobs that can be done during a bathroom makeover!

It’s not uncommon to be displeased with the interior of your bathroom. However, there are lots of bathroom decorating ideas to help you decorate the space. The cost of these ideas can vary depending on the elements you choose. If you are all set to start off with, we bring some simple easy ways to re-infuse life into this intimate setting.

#1 Add plants

bathroom decorating ideas

If your bathroom looks dull, drab, and lifeless, one solution could be to add something that is literally alive to the space! One way is to add a small plant on the window ledge. There are a lot of options to explore here too. You don’t need to necessarily add a bamboo shoot. A lot of other plants can do well in humid conditions that bathrooms can often provide. I love putting Devil’s Ivy in a glass container and leaving it in on the window. You can also put a succulent plant next to the sink. Succulents can survive humid environments and can grow little by little, year by year. Else you can also put Aloe Vera next to where you keep your night cream. You can even occasionally break a leaf and squeeze out the gel to apply to your skin and hair!

#2 Fake plants

If you don’t particularly have a green thumb, you don’t need to beat yourself up whenever a plant dies. Instead, you can opt for some fake flowers and put them in a nice vase with a dull tone. You can also get some wreaths of fake flowers and hang them in a staggered formation on an empty wall, or in an empty space. You can also put foliage instead of flowers. The only problem with fake plants is they don’t look fresh after a while as their colors often fade. Keep washing them every other month to remove any dust, and replace them after a few years.

#3 Lighting

bathroom decorating ideas

A change in the lighting could help you look at the elements in your bathroom in a new perspective. You can go the traditional way and get new fixtures, or add a bathroom lamp to add color or emphasis. Alternatively, you can also add some white Christmas lights around the mirror, or the cloth-board. You can even place them in an old wine bottle, rip out the label and let it glow in a corner.

#4 Whitewash

Painting the bathroom in colors is out of vogue nowadays. Also, no color can match the free and open feel that white brings. This especially works great if your toilet bowl, sink, and bathtub are white porcelain. Except for all the metal, you can paint everything white. If you don’t feel like painting, then you can look for white-colored wallpaper and stick them in the required area. It’s even better if your floor is white, made of marble or white tiles. Get white towels, and let any paintings, plants, or window views add color to your bathroom.

#5 Paintings and Mirrors

bathroom decorating ideas

You don’t need to place just one mirror in your bathroom. You can add a few mirrors in front of the sink. The size of these mirrors can be longer or wider to fit the shape of your bathroom. You can add a few more mirrors to the cabinet doors. Paintings are more about your own personal taste, but themes with water, with dull shades on blue and green with white, can do exceptionally well.

#6 Ornate pebbles

You can buy ornate pebbles for cheap at craft shops, lifestyle stores etc. These ornate pebbles can really be employed in a diverse way. They look really great around the plants you decorate. You can also put them around bathroom fixtures, on a window sill, or just put them in a nice jute or reed basket along with some fragrant camphor tablets that can help to keep bugs away. You can also put a few tealight candles on them on special occasions, and enjoy the play of light.

#7 Change curtains

bathroom decorating ideas

Curtains can make your bathroom attain its own character and personality. You can go as minimalistic or as gaudy as you like. You can use them to cover the window. Alternatively, you can also use a curtain to separate the toilet bowl from the rest of the bathroom. You can also add a PVC panel to cover an empty wall. There are varied options to choose how to place them basis your imagination and creativity.

#8 Add a bathroom mat

Sometimes, all you need to do is add some colorful mats to cover the drains, or hide the floor with a few carpets. Carpets look really great when placed at the foot of the toilet bowl. You can also add some colors by placing an anti-skid mat in the bathtub. Bathroom mats and carpets aren’t a great idea if you have kids in the house who could track in dirt. Also, it’s advisable to clean them every other month to keep them hygienic. If you’ve got underfloor heating, you can still put mats down, however, the flooring won’t work as effectively if you do so. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom mat.

There are several other bathroom decorating ideas to add some more depth to this place. You can also place an aroma diffuser to make the space smell amazing. Wooden decorative fixtures, a glass slab to keep your oils, soaps and lotions and glass panels could be amazing additions or replacements. You could even renovate the whole bathroom if you fancy something new, or just add a new sink or toilet with the help of a service like Mr. Greenway. Experiment with your creativity and let us know your favorite bathroom decorating ideas in the comments section below.

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