9 Tips for building confidence in 2018

tips for building confidence

It’s 2018, the resolutions are made, the goals are set, and we are all ready to enjoy the New Year. But, you still have some of those niggling feelings from the past year that are annoying you. It might just be a small thing like a crooked tooth which you can easily get fixed with some orthodontic SureSmile Braces Milwaukee, or it might be a bigger thing like losing or gaining weight. Joining a gym to accomplish your body goals with the assistance of your trainer and your inner motivation could potentially be the start of your self-love journey as well. With the help of important supplements (you could Learn more now) that could help us in our goal, achieving our dream body could become a reality!

That said, our goals may be unique, but the importance of feeling comfortable in our own skin is something that we can all agree on. Because who doesn’t want to spend 2018 feeling confident, happy, and positive about our bodies and self. Here are a few tips for building confidence to make 2018 the year to remember.

The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence!


tips for building confidence


It sounds so simple but can hold the most challenges; there will always be that temptation to pick up fast food on the way home. But the sluggish feeling that follows isn’t worth it. If you eat healthily not only will your body love you, but you will also have more energy. Eating well means you lose that sluggish feeling that follows those greasy, heavy meals.

A healthy diet does more than helping you feel good and having enough energy to make the most of your day. Your body becomes stronger, your skin becomes clearer, and you become happier and more confident, allowing you to be more active and involved in 2018.


Drink water! This has been drilled into us since we were kids, but for some reason we forget this easy step. We often tend to substitute water for sugary drinks, but none benefit our body as water does. Water has so many benefits going beyond your health; it improves our immune system along with our complexion and skin.

When your body is feeling good, you feel great and more positive about life.


tips for building confidence


Think about a time you got only a few hours of sleep; you were on edge and in a bad mood all day, every little thing annoying you as you waited for the day to end. It’s hard to feel confident and comfortable with yourself when you’re running low on sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep (6-7 hours) is essential, 8 hours is recommended, but some people might need more or less depending on their age and lifestyle.

Getting enough sleep has never been easier once you start a routine. Apps are a great way to get started and keep you on track. Rest is more beneficial than some people realise as it stabilises your mood, improves memory while reducing stress, allowing you to take advantage of 2018’s opportunities. Having adequate sleep is really important for reviving your energy levels, giving a good start to your day thereby building your confidence and morale.


With a New Year, it’s easy to set extreme goals to fit with the ‘New Year- New Me’ idea. Changing your lifestyle for the better is a positive thing, but unrealistic goals can ruin our progress. Setting a realistic goal is the most important thing. Your goal should be something that you can and want to achieve. If you choose a goal that is impossible, you won’t be motivated to achieve it.

Smaller goals are great for building confidence with each goal you accomplish. You are also more likely to continue setting goals when you enjoy the process. If you are going to set a large or challenging goal, set monthly targets so it becomes less daunting. Setting goals are meant to help you be your best self, not make you feel bad. So be smart when creating yours.


tips for building confidence


You can be doing all the right things but might still not feel 100%. Exercise is something that we may all hate doing, but the feeling afterwards is worth all the sweat and tears. Exercising gives you more energy, improves your fitness but also helps to improve your state of mind. Regular exercise has been linked to reducing the effects of depression and anxiety due to the release of endorphins.

If you are someone that gets stressed easily, exercise is a great outlet to cope and manage stress positively. Exercise may not be enjoyable, but the benefits can make a stark difference to your outlook and lifestyle.


tips for building confidence


Keeping track of your goals and progress will highlight your achievements. Feeling good about your body has to start with you, you might not see the results straight away, but you will feel them. You will have more energy and the small changes that are happening will drive you to keep going.

Keeping a diary or journal will allow you to see how far you have come. This is also a great way to see what is working and what isn’t. Journals are great motivation and help keep you on track.


This is something that we all struggle with but it is essential when you’re learning to be confident in your own body. You have to be honest to feel comfortable with yourself. Be honest but not brutal. When you think about yourself especially when making goals, it’s easy to tear yourself down, instead of being positive. Be positive about what you can achieve and the goals you are creating to improve your 2018.


Many people often think of cosmetic surgery when they think about being confident in their body, and it always involves what they would change. For a lot of us, cosmetic surgery is a viable option because we feel like we are being held back in life. We feel self-conscious about ourselves due to something that we are unable to change naturally. So some people may opt for a Denver breast augmentation as they are unhappy with the way their breasts are naturally and want to either make them bigger or smaller.

Being confident in your body and self is of utmost importance. If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, do your RESEARCH! It is not something to rush into and getting all the facts is crucial.

Flying overseas for cheap procedures appeal to many as you can fit in a holiday at the same time. However, there are risks with going to less developed countries for surgery. Yes, it may be cheaper but often they don’t have the same standards. This is where issues occur. When thinking about cosmetic surgery get the facts, understand what the operation will involve and build a relationship with your doctor. You should feel comfortable and confident in yourself and body.


Being confident and comfortable is important but so is having fun. The best way to ensure your 2018 is great for your confidence is to have fun. Go skinny dipping with your girlfriends, take some boudoir portraits Bay Area to see how sexy your body is, goof around in the bedroom with your boyfriend, if you are enjoying what you are doing and are happy with what you’re trying to achieve your confidence will grow. You can however indulge and treat yourself occasionally. Loving how you feel is meant to make you enjoy and experience life more, not limit you.

Try these tips for building your confidence in 2018 and let us know how they have helped you in the comments below.

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