5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look Like A Hotel

make living room look like a hotel

A place to spend a vacation is fun and on certain occasions, it’s a beautiful way to get together with the ones you love to hang out with. Yet, with the heavy price and troublesome scene of unavailability of rooms that fit your budget, the organized trip often becomes a cancelled trip. Well, have you ever thought about turning your own living room into a stylish hotel suite? This might sound expensive, but don’t worry! You don’t need a million dollars to complete this dream.


Read on to find 5 affordable ways to design and decorate your living room like a luxury hotel room.

#1 Own stuff you need and get rid of the rest

It’s quite interesting to gather things which we like but in due course of time, we stop taking care of them. Usually, these things are received as gifts or from sales which seemed lucrative enough but don’t suit your style. Taking a look at your room as a guest helps you assess things better. Get rid of items you no longer need and add vibrancy to the room through new ceiling lights, fresh curtains, and dim lights at the bottom of the walls. If you need help updating the light fixtures, you can engage a Milwaukee Electrician Contractor or any similar service provider in your area.

make living room look like a hotel

#2 Curtains

Mostly the curtains used in hotels are custom made and are expensive. However you can also add them to your room by finding a person who makes custom drapes in your budget. The choice of fabric would solely depend on the interiors of your room. Additionally, you can also hang blackout curtains in your bedroom for that perfect night sleep. You just have clean your custom drapes time to time to keep them in use for long.

make living room look like a hotel

#3 Climate Control

Nowadays, there are many wireless climate control system readily available in the market. You can get them installed in your bedroom and can control the temperature through your smartphone. If you are concerned about the budget, then you can consider installing a ceiling fan instead, by hiring S.E. Electric Inc. or any other electrical company in your area. At the end of the day, a better climate aids in proper rest.

make living room look like a hotel

#4 Add Some Greenery

Beautiful aromatic presentation are the first thing that draws our attention in a five-star hotel room. In any case, it can be overwhelming and too costly to keep up a home loaded with new cut flower bunches everyday.

make living room look like a hotel

However, if you are on a budget, you can still effortlessly achieve this green tasteful look by just including some indoor house plants. Orchids are exquisite, stunning and they keep on blooming in cycles. A vast palm plant can have an immense effect when set in a portal inside a chinoiserie-style urn.

#5 Getting Creative With Floors and Furniture Pillows

The interiors of luxury hotels speaks for itself. The marble floors sparkle, the wood has a perfect finish and not a speck of dust can be found on mats or covers.

Besides the unblemished appearance, the composition of the room is usually designed in layers. The principle flooring is typically hard, flexible and sumptuous, for example, marble, travertine, or hardwood. Layered on this floor are a wide range of carpets, rugs etc. which provide a base to the inside seating zones.

make living room look like a hotel

Within the seating area, beautiful cushions and trims are also often used to give a luxurious look. Opulent pads with rich trims are often used to highlight couches and seats. Shades edged at trims and club seats will be edged with metal nail head outskirts are often used.

These are however simple to replicate and work great to layer extravagance into your stylistic layout. You can use your current seat and trim it with nail heads. These nail heads can be purchased at most texture stores. You can also add trim to pads and blinds. Adding this layered look gives a space a feeling of solace and extravagance, particularly when the most astounding end materials are utilized.

While budget is the main factor which decides how many luxury assets can fit your living room, the above mentioned tips can help you add comfort and luxury to your living room and make it feel like a hotel suite.

What tips do you use to modify your living room and give it a luxurious look?