How to make your father feel special on his day?

celebrate fathers day


celebrate fathers day

This Father’s Day make your dad feel special by gifts that pampers him. Fathers generally do not spend a lot of time on themselves and this could be the one thing that he needs the most on his day. Read below to know how you can treat your dad and make him feel special on his day!


On Father’s day, take your dad out for shopping and pick up something cool and classy. Check out the latest styles and choose the perfect ones which would suit him and his personality. Switch up his style to give him a new makeover.


Spa treatment is not reserved only for the ladies. While most men usually do not indulge in a spa treatment they would definitely like a body massage. Book a Spa which caters to men and spoil him through a body massage. If he is open to a facial or a pedicure, you can book it too. The spa treatment would relax his sore muscles and would make him feel energized.


While shaving is a staple in most men’s grooming rituals; they generally tend to ignore their skincare. What can be better than gifting him a kit of his own? Look for the products that suit men’s skin and and require less time for application. There are several kits also available in the market especially meant for men. You can try them out too.


Most of the times our dads are so busy taking care of work and their family that they ignore their personal health. To ensure that he stays in good shape, you can gift him a personal trainer in a gym or the one who can visit your house and train him there.


Just like you have one for your mother, you can prepare an emergency grooming kit for your dad with his essentials. He can keep this kit in his car which can be his life saver before the last minute meeting. You can store a moisturizer, razor, deodorant, comb, hair gel/ spray, toothbrush, paste, mouth freshener etc. in this kit. Your father will appreciate putting all his essentials required to pull himself together in one place.