I am not alone… :(

Is it my home?

I unlocked my doors and step in. I was searching for the light switch and could hear him in the other room. I switched them on and found him in the lobby. He was looking for something when I caught him. He knows my presence but doesn’t make a move. My presence doesn’t make any difference to him.

My house no longer seems mine. I can’t leave my stuff outside as I know he will spoil them. Does he bother? Does it make any difference to him? No. I am the only one who is at loss here.

This is MY house. However he and his kind seem to be least interested in this. Why should they worry? They are not like me living in a particular space with boundaries. They have several homes and can choose where they want to stay. Ample food, lots of stuff to bite on and in congested places so that they cannot be spotted easily. He seems to like my house. Despite several attempts he is not ready to leave.

I am a little scared of him. In fact I switch on the lights while sleeping so that he doesn’t hop on me while I am sleeping. As if lights would deter him in his maneuver. I have an eerie feeling that he is there somewhere staring at me, waiting for me to doze off so that he can complete his unfinished task. I can hear him making noises even when I am sleeping. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, startled. I cringe. I keep imagining things that he can do and no matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of him. He stays in my home, feeds on my food and I can’t do anything about it.

I googled several pest control solutions yesterday and finally bought a Rat kill. I hope he either dies or leaves my place if he is not eating the poison cake I have placed for him. Till the time I actually start off with my attempts, I thought of writing this blog. In the back of my mind however I know that I am being watched.





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