Makeup tips for every age

According to 4Beauty’s research, 54% of the women wish that they knew how to apply makeup better. Looking good is not limited to your clothes only. We all want to look young and beautiful but ageing is a natural process that cannot be delayed. However with the right makeup you can definitely conceal a few years of your face. Being young is not the only thing that should be your priority. It’s also important for us to take care of ourselves so that we feel our best irrespective of our age.

We have divided our tips according to your age but remember what you do today would reflect on your face tomorrow. Proper skincare is essential at every age. You can read more about them here.


Beauty Tips for women in 20s

makeup tips for your 20s


  • Women at this age are naturally blessed with a perfect skin. When it comes to makeup, you have a lot of freedom to experiment with different products as you don’t have any lines on your face. It’s the perfect time to find out the best product suited for your skin. This age is also the best time to experiment with bold colors and make-up trends.
  • At this age it’s important for you to start taking care of your skin to prepare it for the future. Start including eye cream in your kit since it is the first area which is going to show signs of ageing.
  • Use sunscreens religiously as sun damage at this age might start showing up later at wrinkles and age spots.
  • Include a good cleanser to your daily routine.
  • Use a concealer to hide dark circles, a tinted moisturizer along with a light weight foundation for an everyday wear.
  • Your face is fresh and glowing so highlight it using a shimmer and a highlighter.
  • Apply a blush which matches to your skin tone to give a glow to your face.

Beauty Tips for women in 30s


  • makeup tips in your 30sContinue with the beauty regime you started in your 20s.
  • Go for eye shadows in muted shades, cream to powder blush according to your skin type and lipsticks which moisturize your lips. Avoid loud shades or products with a matte finish as they would make you look older.
  • Buy a good foundation as it is the base for a good makeup. Choose products with a cream base as powder based products highlight the fine lines.
  • Start using beauty products with a dual function i.e they not only cover up your problems but also start correcting it.
  • Sun damage experienced in the 20s would start reflecting on your skin in your late 30s. Those with pigmentation problems can use foundations with kojic or salicylic acid to lighten and correct that.

Beauty Tips for women in 40s


  • makeup tips in your 40sAs you reach your 40s your lips would seem thinner. You can try lip lifting plastic surgery Vancouver to give them back the definition and volume that they have lost.
  • Try to be as minimal and natural as possible.
  • Include a primer to your makeup kit to hide the fine lines and age spots.
  • Go for neutral shades.
  • Use cream based blushes and eye shadows to hide the fine lines around your cheeks and eyes.
  • Choose your lip colors wisely. Dark matt colors will make your lips thinner and you shouldn’t opt for them unless you have fuller lips. Ideally you should look for shades which are darker than your lip color- rosy pinks and rich apricots.
  • Keep your skin well hydrated before and after makeup.

Beauty Tips for women in 50s


  • makeup tips in your 50sOnce you are in your 50s, you enter menopause, your eyebrows and eye lashes become thinner so you should give primary importance to enhancing your eyes.
  • Use a very good moisturizer to make your skin look fresh and hide the lines.
  • Only apply foundation with moisturizer base.
  • Define your lips using a lip liner and eyes with an eye liner.




Stay beautiful!




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