Must haves for your Hair Emergency Kit

items for hair emergency kitHave a party after work and you forgot your bobby pins at home? Well, we all have had our share of bad hair days but with proper planning, we can be prepared for such hair emergencies. In order to have a perfect hairstyle regardless of the time of the day, weather etc., you must have a hair kit. Emergency hair kit is something that every lady should have to rescue her from such a tragedy. These items are few must-haves which should be kept handy to prevent such mishaps from happening. From work to playtime, this Hair Emergency Kit is a first aid for the hair obsessed fashionista on the go.

Keep reading for tips on how to build your hair emergency kit.

Bobby pins and hair ties

They are a life saver and should be kept handy at all times. While preparing for your hair emergency kit make sure these go in first. When a hair emergency arises they are all you need to get the situation under control. Bobby pins and hair ties are great for quick hair styling. Include a pack of hair ties in different colors and match them to your outfit to add more versatility to your hair.

Hair products

Unplanned overnight stay; travel sized hair products are extremely useful and convenient for times such as these. Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner are a must have. It would also be great if you can add small bottles of hairspray, shine serum and anti-frizz control to the list for emergencies.

Hair accessories

To be on the safe side, keep hair accessories in your kit for a different styling in less time. Silicon hair bands are perfect for various braided hairstyles as well as for securing loose braids, twists or knots. A pretty headband and versatile clip are always good to carry if you are on a trip and do not want to invest much time in styling your hair. A beautiful silk scarf is an awesome versatile hair accessory that you can wear as a fashion statement.

Mini hair styling tools

Mini hair straightener or the cordless curling iron is perfect for the girl on the go. They are easy to maneuver and are great for quick touch-ups. Mini straightener is just what a girl needs for her business trips, unexpected meetings and parties. If you are one of those who wants a perfect hairstyle at all time, you definitely need one of these in your kit.

Rat tail Comb

A rat tail comb is a lifesaver as it can add volume to your hair, tame frizzy hair, add precision to your side bangs and can help in getting rid of knots.

Hair Brush

In case you have an important meeting lined up and are forced to come up with an up-do on the go, this is the only tool that can help you get it right. If you have thin, medium to short hair you can opt for a retractable compact brush, while for those with thick or long hair, look for a purse sized version of a brush.

Cornstarch powder

If your hair tends to be oily in the summer and cannot last through the day, try carrying a portion of cornstarch and apply it on your roots in case of excess oil. Your hair will be as good as washed.

Got some free time this weekend? Prepare your own emergency hair kit which can be stored either in your purse or in your car. Keeping these items handy can be a lifesaver!

How to prepare your beauty emergency kit?