20 Tips for Long Distance Relationships

20 Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Most of us believe that long distance relationship never works. Your family might dissuade it, and some of your friends might advise against it to save you a future heartbreak.

Nobody says it’s going to be easy. The long-distance makes it difficult and complicated. You could be sad and lonely. Sometimes simple things like holding the other person’s hand, eating together, feeling the touch, taking a walk together might mean much more in a long-distance relationship.

While long-distance relationship is tough, it has it’s own charm and surprises too. Keep your love alive and strong with these tips for long-distance relationships.

#1 Have a end goal in mind

What do you want to achieve in the future? How long are you willing to be apart? What is your future plans? These questions need to be answered honestly and by both of you. The underlying truth is no couple can stay in a long distance relationship forever. We all need to eventually settle down.

Therefore start making a plan for your future together. Make a timeline with the estimated time together and apart and decide on an end goal. It’s important to be on the same page while working this out to ensure that you have the same goals. So despite staying miles apart in different time zones, both of you are still working towards a future together. This means that eventually one of you or both of you will have to move and therefore, will have to use things like this Top UK Laywers website to figure out how to get a visa and actually live together with your partner! It may seem like a long road but it should be worth it in the end!

#2 Know the schedules

Its important to know the schedules of each other to realize when the other person is busy or free, when is the right time to call or text. You don’t want to disturb your partner when he or she is in the middle of the meeting. Keep yourself abreast with the events happening in each other lives e.g. exams, interviews, business trips etc. This is especially important when you stay far away in different time zones.

#3 Communicate regularly and creatively

Greeting each other every morning and night is a must. Apart from that it is important to update your partner on everything that is happening in your life, however boring or uninteresting it may seem. Send each other videos, audio clips, games etc. to make each other feel loved.

#4 Set ground rules and manage your expectations

Its important to have a clear understanding of each other’s expectations during this long-distance relationship. Do you want to steer clear of dates? What is your level of commitment? Are you willing to do things, which can take the other one by surprise? It’s best to have an open candid discussion with each other about these things.

#5 See this as an opportunity

Think of the experience of a long distance relationship as something that will make your love grow even stronger. Having a positive attitude towards the relationship will help you understand and develop a deeper bond.

#6 Develop similar habits

Recommend books, TV shows, movies, news, and music to each other. Doing things together will create shared experiences, and will ensure that you have a lot of things in common to talk about.

#7 Message a lot

Texting would be the most frequent and common way of communication between you two. Find an app, which helps you take the conversations beyond words and emoticons. Try sending recorded messages, pictures etc. during the day to stay connected.

#8 Mails

Postcards, love letters, gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day are a few things you can mail across. It’s always a great idea to surprise each other with unexpected gifts like Personalised Photo Body Pillows, lingerie, jewelry, etc.

#9 Make visits

After the long wait, it’s important to visit each other often to make your relationship special. It’s the highlight of every long distance relationship. Take time off from work and school and plan a visit to a city together.

#10 Avoid too much communication

While its important to stay in touch, avoid being overtly possessive. It may make things worse. It’s really about being there at the right moments.

#11 Doing things together

Watch a documentary or play a game together. Play guitar on Skype or sing a song for your partner. Buy each other gifts and be creative about it.

#12 Keep track of social media

Share on each other’s walls. Like pictures, check-ins and status on Facebook. Tweet and tag each other. Do stuff on social media to show that you care.

#13 Give nicknames

It’s cute to give each other nicknames. It keeps the love flowing.

#14 Gift something personal

Gift a memento for the other person to hold on to. Surprise them by getting flowers delivered to their home in Williamstown (if that is where they live), or other gifts like a small pendant, a bracelet, ring or keychain, perfumes, CD of favorite songs can be important as well. You could also give something personalized like a custom name necklace with your initials so that it remains a token of your love. Unknowingly, we do attach meanings to these little things in our life. Memories tend to be stored in physical things, which we can look and hold on to. This is definitely one of the most important tips for long distance relationships.

#15 Stay honest

Its important to discuss with each other your fears, insecurities, apathy, jealousy and much more. Instead of thinking not to bother your partner, be open and honest. Let him/ her give the kind of support you need.

#16 Keep updated on family and friends

You know him; you should know his friends too. Most of the conversations would be revolving around work, family and friends.

#17 Talk dirty

Sex is not only a biological need but also an emotional one. Keep the flames burning by sex-ting each other. This is undoubtedly the most important thing between couples.

#18 Avoid clumsy situations

If you partner is displeased by you going out for clubbing with your friends either don’t do it or reassure him beforehand. Its important for you to be extra cautious to avoid these uncomfortable situations to avoid bitterness in your relationship.

#19 Live your own life

Despite being staying alone, you aren’t lonely. Respect each other’s personal space and realize that you both have a life outside your partner. Go to the gym, adopt a new hobby, meet friends and family are few of the things you can do to keep yourself busy.

#20 Talk about each other

The way to make a long distance relationship work is to truly believe in each other and spread your love story to every friend and family member. Believing in your love is important and so is sharing it with the world. The more you talk, the more connected you will feel.