25 Dining Disasters

dining disasters

We all hate bad table manners. They not only create a bad impression but makes the other person uncomfortable. Here are a set of things you should NEVER do while eating. Whether going on a date or a professional meeting, refrain yourself from making these glaring dining disasters.

Definite No-No’s while eating

  1. Don’t put liquid of any kind in your mouth while there’s food in it.
  2. Don’t spit any objects on your palm before placing them on your plate. Use your thumb and forefinger in an inconspicuous manner to remove it and place it on the bread and butter plate.
  3. Don’t ever chew with your mouth open.
  4. Don’t talk with food in your mouth.
  5. Don’t add more food to your mouth before you have swallowed the previous bite.
  6. Don’t blow your nose using your napkin. Napkin is only supposed to wipe your mouth.
  7. Don’t use napkin, tablecloth or handkerchief to clean your silverware. If it isn’t clean, ask the waiter for a replacement.
  8. Don’t fiddle with your silverware.
  9. Don’t leave the coffee spoon in your cup while drinking. Also don’t make clinking noises as you stir.
  10. Don’t ever make slurping sounds while having coffee or soup. Its disgusting to hear them.
  11. Don’t share someone’s food by spearing your fork in it. Pass your bread plate to the person and ask for a little food to be put in it.
  12. Enjoy your meal quietly and don’t smack your lips or wobble signs of satisfaction while having your meal.
  13. Don’t ever dunk.
  14. Don’t put elbows on the table.
  15. While seated, do not cross your legs, lean back on your chair or shake your feet.
  16. Do not lean over your plate while eating. Bring the food to your mouth.
  17. Never use a toothpick at the table.
  18. Don’t make a fuss. If you don’t like something, you can leave it in your plate.
  19. Don’t ever blow on hot food to cool it down. Wait for it to cool down.
  20. Don’t ever point with your cutlery.
  21. Don’t hold your fork while you are drinking your wine.
  22. Don’t talk with food in your mouth. It’s just GROSS. If someone asks you a question, wait till you swallow before answering.
  23. Avoid burping or making sounds at the table.  It’s the biggest sin of dinner table etiquette.
  24. Do not ever double dip. If you love the dip and need every part of your chip covered in it, use a spoon to make your dipping station in your plate.
  25.  Never place a used utensil on the table. A silverware once used should always be placed on your plate.