30 Things to Do After a Breakup

Things to do after a breakup

Things to do after a breakupBreakups are awful, no matter how long was the relationship. One thing to keep in mind though is that you aren’t the first person to get dumped or dump someone. Being on either side of the two is hard but its important to have a new perspective through all your moping and self-pitying. Getting over someone is not an easy task.

While the reasons for a breakup might be different for different people, many of us however show the same symptoms thereafter- indefinite crying, not knowing how to cheer yourself, too much breakup talk with friends, having a lot of time to yourself but no attention span. This could also be the case if you’re divorcing after a marriage. Separating from marriage, on the other hand, is a far more involved process compared to being in a relationship. Reading a blog or speaking with an experienced lawyer could help you understand more about this.

Anyway, based on feedback from friends who have been dumped, I have compiled a list of things to do in weeks after a breakup.

  1. Make a sad/ angry playlist.

  2. Alternatively, make a feel-good playlist too with songs that don’t remind you of your ex.

  3. Make a list of things you will miss about your ex and things you won’t.

  4. When you are ready, change your relationship status on Facebook.

  5. Avoid posting sad status messages or details on social media.

  6. Try doing something that you have wanted to do for long but couldn’t do because your ex. For example, getting a tattoo done.

  7. Hide the photos that you clicked together.

  8. Do not call your ex. Let yourself be grumpy or angry, but don’t share those feelings with your ex.

  9. Schedule time with your friends.

  10. Vent your feelings out. It’s okay to be sad but not all the time.

  11. Now that you are single again, its okay to connect yourself with old flames and crushes.

  12. If you are okay with it, have a one-night stand.

  13. Date someone who doesn’t fall in your usual category.

  14. Be independent and do things yourself.

  15. Make it a point to do something new every week. Something that gives you a rush, is exciting and scary.

  16. Things to do after a breakup

  17. Schedule a trip to see your close friends and family.

  18. Get rid of things your ex liked and you didn’t.

  19. Wear your favorite clothes. It will make you feel good.

  20. Wear clothes your ex hated.

  21. Get a massage. If you wish to avoid the hassle of going to a massage parlor, seek out your nearest Mobile Massage Therapist.

  22. Do something that makes you feel hot.

  23. Join a gym or take a new fitness activity, sport.

  24. Challenge yourself and get out of your own head.

  25. Read books and movies about people who are in a worse state than you. Its all about perspective.

  26. Spend some quality time with yourself and watch some funny movies.

  27. Solve some puzzles.

  28. Finding it hard to concentrate, listen to some podcasts or audio books.

  29. Do something crazy but not stupid.

  30. Use your free time to do something good. Take up some volunteer work.

  31. Remind yourself: you wont be feeling this awful forever.

The list will go on and on. Do tell me what helped you get through your breakup?