7 benefits of drinking Red wine

All the ladies around would know how fabulous way of de-stressing yourself it is to talk to your girlfriend with a glass of red wine. Want to know more?

woman with red wine

Red wine also offers some great health benefits. However moderation is the key here. Read on to find out how-


For a Healthy Heart

Red wine contains resveratrol, flavonoids and sapponins which protect your heart against LDL or the bad cholesterol. It prevents the bad cholesterol from depositing in the arteries of your heart which are responsible for raising your blood pressure ultimately causing heart attacks. Red wine also keeps the blood vessels flexible thereby reducing the risk of unwanted clotting. Drinking a glass or two of red wine a day can help you prevent the risks of a cardiovascular disease.

Control signs of Ageing

Red wine has antioxidants which can slow the ageing process. It also protects yourself from diseases like osteoporosis.

Control your Blood Sugar

The skin of grapes is a rich source of resveratrol which helps diabetics in regulating their blood sugar. Researchers of the journal Nutrition suspect that resveratrol may stimulate insulin secretion which helps in regulating blood glucose levels.

For a Healthy Brain

Resveratrol may also help in keeping your brain and memory sharp and in preventing Alzheimer’s. Compounds in red wine deter the formation of a protein which causes plaque in the brain of people suffering from the disease.

Prevents Cancer

Drinking red wine in moderation can prevent cancer. Antioxidants in red wine like Guerectin, can help in preventing lung cancer. Resveratrol can also kill nascent cancerous cells according to research. Antioxidants may also lower sex hormone levels to protect against breast cancer.

For a slimmer waist

The compounds in red wine like piceatannol, prevents the growth of fat cells. Research suggests that the compound binds with fat cells receptors thereby preventing immature fat cells to mature and grow. A glass of red wine (175 ml) has 119 calories and 0 Fat content.

Prevents Tooth decay

Red wine hardens your enamel and helps in preventing tooth decay. Hardened enamel is more resistant to tooth decay. Compounds like polyphenols in red wine also prevents gum disease by reducing inflammation in gums.

So now you would want to refill your glass. Don’t. Despite all health benefits of red wine, its extremely important to have it in moderation i.e. a glass in a day. Moderation has all the above benefits to offer while overconsumption has just the opposite effect. Drinking too much can pose you to health hazards like high blood pressure, certain cancers, stroke, liver problems and alcoholism. If you have health conditions like pregnancy or migraines, please avoid drinking altogether.

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