6 Drinks to fight ageing

6 Drinks to fight ageing

Your choice of foods has a direct effect on your skin and on your overall health. Having the right foods at the right time can not only make you look and feel young but can also help in slowing down the ageing process. Fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and whole grains can prevent chronic health disasters. Read more about foods that prevent ageing here. Apart from the healthy foods there is also a list of drinks that can help you fight ageing. Drinking the right things at the right time would give you a great looking glowing skin.

Let us list them all.


When to drink– when you wake up

Start your day with a glass of water. Water would keep your body hydrated, refreshed and would give your skin a subtle glow. Headaches are a common problem in the summers, drink lots of water to get rid of the headache without medicines or pain killers. Water has a lot of other benefits too, read it here.


When to drink– at breakfast

If you are not a coffee drinker, it’s time to start having it for the awesome health benefits that it offers. Sipping a cup of black coffee not only reduces the risk of a lot of cancers, heart diseases, cholesterol levels but also boosts metabolism. It’s best to have it at breakfast.

Green Tea

When to drink– at lunch

At lunch, sip a cup of green tea to enhance your metabolism and prevent the risk of breast cancer. Black tea also helps in controlling the blood pressure.

Hot Cocoa

When to drink– as a snack post lunch

Hot cocoa has more antioxidants than coffee, green tea or red wine. In this heat however, sipping cocoa with ice would be preferred more. The antioxidants in cocoa increases the blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. It’s great for your heart and skin.

Red Wine

When to drink– with dinner

Enjoying a glass of red wine with dinner is a great way to slow down the growth of fat cells. Read more about the other benefits of drinking red wine here.


When to drink- post dinner

Milk when consumed in its natural self would be loved by your body. Have a glass of milk before going to bed and wake up energized. The calcium in milk would strengthen your bones and the protein works wonders for your muscles.

With such readily inexpensive drinks helping us slow down ageing there isn’t any need to look for unnatural cosmetic measures.