7 Things You Regret in Your 20s

things you regret in your 20s

Would you have regret in your 20s? Aren’t failures supposed to be just another lesson to be learnt? It seems like there are a few regrets most of us in our 20-something can relate to. The list is a bit different once you touch your 30s. Scroll down below to avoid these mistakes and live your 20s to the fullest without any regrets.

Not being fit

Your metabolism at your 20s is not dependent on your health. But as you age, you need to start working on your fitness and health levels to be happy and experience all the awesome things which are a part of your bucket list. You can go rock climbing in Grand Canyon if you do not have a certain endurance and fitness level.

Not taking risks

While playing safe might sound lucrative, your 20s are the time when you should be willing and open to new experience. Fight your fears and don’t let them hold you back.

Rushing to be old and wise

While we are eager to get started with all the grown up experience, we should really take time to experience the joy of being in your 20s. You will be a grown-up for the rest of your life. You are under no obligation to follow a defined timeline for your career, job etc. Experiment with your life and do what you are passionate about. You are only young once; don’t waste this precious phase of your life.

Not investing in a retirement fund

Every personal finance expert would recommend you to start putting in your money towards your retirement fund at the earliest possible. The earlier the contributions, the higher are the rewards of compound interest. There are always companies that will help with this, who are made to plan for your retirement – just visit Walker Capital retirement planning for an example of one. It is wise to seek this help so you know all the finer details and what to expect.

Wasting time on people who aren’t worth it

In our 20s, friends seem to take most of our time and efforts because we do not have our significant other yet. Make friends who will last a lifetime and are worth your time and energy.

Not moving to a new city

It’s usually a great time to actually pack up and enjoy your independence in a new city. Moving to a new city might sound daunting at first, but if you do enough research about the cost of living in cities like Houston (check out https://houstonrealestateobserver.com/) or any other, and keep a journal to maintain your finances, you should be good to go. The experience is definitely worth it. Getting out of your comfort zone is a great learning experience and changes your attitude and perspective about life.

Staying in a bad relationship

They really suck out the happiness out of you. Don’t waste your time on people and relationships that aren’t worthy. They are bad for your self-esteem, so don’t let them drag you down.

What are the things you regret in your 20s?

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