Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

It seems like it was just yesterday we were shopping for our style essentials for fall and now suddenly the holiday season is upon us.

Still wondering what gifts to get for your friends and family? Despite the countless e-commerce and physical stores, holiday shopping is not getting any easier. It can be really difficult figuring out the perfect fashion or beauty gift, especially if on a budget. While something like this Kohl’s coupons can help with the latter problem, whatever can we do for the former problem?

Well look no further. In the spirit of celebration, we have carefully selected a range of items for various personalities and budgets: the fashionista, glitter girl, the luxury sage, the minimalist, the trendy gal, gifts for him and lots more.

Where are the gift lists? Simply click on one of the links below to check out the awesome stuff. Thank us later!



Gifts for the Lip Balm and Ponytail Girl

At home she’s combing thru the latest fashion magazines and posting up her favorite new looks on her blog. She is a fashionista at heart, a lover of art and really obsessed with music.

Gifts for the Rustic Minimalistic Guy

He’s grown up, but in many ways is still a teen at heart. A lazy bum, he just needs a break and do nothing over the weekend. Give him a reason to pamper himself with these luxurious gifts.

Gifts for the Fashion Conscious Girls

At home she’s combing through the latest fashion magazines and posting up her favorite new looks on Pinterest. Vogue never leaves her bedside and she knows she can accomplish anything in heels. Carrie Bradshaw’s fan, this shopaholic doesn’t follow trends, she starts them! When she’s not browsing designer boutiques, she is busy catching up on the hottest fashion blogs.

Gifts for the Luxury Trendsetter Girl

She spends most of her spare time at shows (art, fashion, music or otherwise), and cruising boutiques for her next one-of-a kind outfit. She is elegant, classy and has a charm of her own. She loves indulging herself over long candle light bubble baths with a glass of wine. Read on to find the perfect holiday gift guide for the luxury savant lady who brunches.


Gifts for the Kitchen Masterchef

For the foodie friend who is also the perfect hostess for dinner parties, here is the holiday gift guide for cooks.


Gifts for the Geeky Nerd

Some safe and fantastic gadgets that are surely going to bring some good applaud. Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2014.