How to add Volume to Fine Limp Hair?


We know it’s difficult styling a fine limp hair. No matter what style you do, your hair always fall flat as a table. If this sounds like your hair, we are sure you have already spent plenty of dollars on volumizing shampoos, conditioners and mousses which promise to give you big voluminous hair- only to realize later that they don’t work well!


Before you get something drastic done on your hair, try these tips to add volume to your limp tresses. You wouldn’t be getting an impressive bouffant but can surely see a volume boost with these tricks.


Clarifying shampoo

A major cause of greasy, low volume hair is product build-up. Use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair from the product residue that makes it flatter. You are sure to find a professional salon shampoo that suits your hair type and makes for some much needed detoxification. You can also rinse your hair with a mixture of one-third apple cider vinegar and two-thirds water as an alternative to a clarifying shampoo. During regular washes, use gentle clear shampoos. Avoid using shampoos that are thick and creamy.


We know conditioners are a must to nourish your hair, however we would suggest you to avoid silicone-based serums and leave in conditioners. These products coat the hair and weigh it down. Instead use a light conditioner. If you can, try to condition your hair before the shampoo as some conditioners can leave product residue in your hair.

Blow dry

You might be already aware of blow drying but we thought of covering it again for you. After washing your hair, when it’s still wet, flip your hair down and start blow-drying. Remove the nozzle of your hair dryer which concentrates the heat and let the air flow through your hair. If you have straight hair, brush from roots to top as you blow dry. Those with curly hair, run your fingers from roots to tip instead while blow-drying. This technique helps in giving volume to hair at the roots before they fall flat.

Rounded Brush

Use a wide rounded brush while blow-drying hair in the opposite direction of your usual hair styling. If you make a partition on the left, blow-dry your hair by making a partition on your right. Blow-dry your bangs first from the scalp to the roots for added volume.

Curling Iron

You don’t need to work on getting extensive beachy-waves on your hair with a curling iron, instead you could simply curl the ends of your hair using a ceramic curling wand to add some bounce. You can also try using some rollers with a blow dryer instead of the heat. First rough-dry your hair with a brush and then add rollers to 2-inch sections of your hair from the ends all the way to the roots. Hair should be fully dry before removing the rollers. Instead of a brush or comb, use your fingers to loosen the curls.

Hair Spray

While we would suggest you to steer clear of all the volumizing products, do invest in some hair spray. After blow-drying your hair, separate layers of your hair and spray a line of hair spray across your scalp. Flip your hair over and add some hair spray at the bottom. Be careful while brushing your hair as too much brushing might help you lose the look. While buying hair sprays, avoid ones which contain alcohol as they can be very drying.

Hair Color

Highlights are perfect for those with limp tresses. They give a textured look and create an illusion of thicker locks. While you don’t need to indulge in brighter shade, a color two-three shades lighter than your hair color is enough to do the trick.


While bobs and pixies work wonders in adding volume to fine hair, however if you do want to retain your long hair, consider these tips while getting your next haircut. Add layers to your hair (but not too many) to add body to your hair. Also, get some bangs as they give an illusion of more volume and can add body to your hair.

Hair Teasing

While hair teasing can definitely add volume to your hair, save it for the special occasions. Use a rattail comb to tease your hair upside down in downward strokes and then set it up with a hair spray.

What tricks have you been using for your fine hair?

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