How to Prevent a Makeup Meltdown?

How to prevent a makeup meltdown

How to prevent a makeup meltdown

One of the most frequent questions that we encounter lately is: How can we keep makeup from melting during a hot outdoor summer wedding? Here are some of our tips to keep your makeup cool despite the temperature. There are a lot of long-wear waterproof makeup items available for the hotter days but it wouldn’t serve the purpose if your face is melting off.


Oil-absorbing base

Use a moisturizer only when required and then put on a light primer to keep the moisture off your skin. SPF is important around the year but is of prime importance during summers. You can use a mattifying sunscreen, which not only protects your skin against harmful UV rays but also works well against hot humid weather. It provides a perfect base for a long-wear foundation application.


Use a powder or gel-based primer to keep the excess oil off giving your face a matte finish.

Eye makeup

To prevent your liner and shadow from smudging, use an eyeshadow primer that is similar to a face primer only gentler on your eyes. Then dust a bit of translucent powder with an eyeshadow brush before applying your eye makeup. Avoid cream eye shadows and use powders instead. See some of our eye makeup tutorials for reference. Use a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to prevent smudging. Once you are done, dust one more layer of translucent powder to set the color. Translucent powder gives a matte finish without adding any additional pigment and keeps the makeup in place.

Lightweight foundation

Summers are not meant for a heavy foundation, which is the primary reason for a meltdown. Use a lightweight foundation (from the range of Kiana Beauty or the likes) to hide any acne, scars, or redness without piling on much. If you do not want full coverage, you can also use tinted moisturizers, they are awesome! They are extremely lightweight and offer excellent coverage. The makeup should look like you, only better.

Finishing powder

Any summer makeup is incomplete without a finishing powder. Finish off your look with a powder to hide imperfections and give your makeup an airbrushed look.

Lip Liner

To avoid your lipstick from bleeding, use a lip liner of the same color. If you have a lighter skin tone you can use a pink or a nude lip liner to hold the lip color in place.

Setting Spray

To keep your makeup in place, use a weightless and non-sticky makeup setting spray. The mist will seal the makeup in place.

Blotting Paper

Keep a few blotting papers handy to soak up any oil or sweat (especially on T-zone) without wiping off your makeup.

Use these tips along with waterproof long wearing products and we are sure your makeup wouldn’t budge a bit!

Your Turn: What are your favorite products to beat the heat with your makeup intact? Share your favorites with our readers.





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