Items for your Beauty Emergency Kit

items for beauty emergency kit

I am sure we all ladies have been in situations when we were in dire need of a beauty emergency kit. Whether you have a last minute meeting planned or an impromptu plans girls’ night, you should always have an emergency beauty kit to your rescue. These are items which are a must-have for your survival.


Wet wipes

Use them to freshen up or treat stains on clothes, sanitize hands or feet. You definitely need them in your kit.

Cotton swabs

They are a must have in the kit to get rid of any eye shadow fallout or a smudged liner. They can get fuzzy if left by themselves so it’s better to keep them in a pouch or container.

Hand sanitizer

It will help you in preventing germs on your face while you are touching up your makeup.


Include some mint or chewing gums to prevent embarrassment due to bad breaths. Its great for oral care and can also help you curb your cravings on the go.

Hair spray

Include some sort of hair care product like a spray or a gel to tame unruly hair.

Clear nail polish

It’s a life saver for ladies. Touch up your bare nails to add some shine or to coat your artificial jewelry. If your lovely ring is leaving your finger green try giving it a clear coat before wearing it.

Feminine needs

An unexpected period is perhaps the worst emergency ever. Even if you have back-ups there is no harm in tucking another in your emergency kit.


Include aspirin or any other pain killer for any emergency aches or pains that you might have. Have a pimple popping out, crush some aspirin and make a paste with water. Apply this paste on the blemish and wash off after a few minutes. It will help in reducing the inflammation and redness of the pimple so that you are good to go.

Safety pins

They are awesome for preventing any last minute wardrobe malfunction. Have plenty of them in your bag.


Carry a comb or a small hair brush in your kit to give last minute touch up to your hair. Wrap a few ponytail holders around the handle.


A filer or a manicure kit is a lifesaver to rescue you from chipped and hangnails.


Razor comes handy to help you just in case you missed a patch of hair on your legs.


Travel size deodorant/ perfume miniature is a must for a fresh odor.

Hand Towel

To help you wash off your face.

Travel size lotion

To save you from dry patchy skin.

Mascara or Eyeliner

To give final touches to your make up.

Concealer or foundation

Just in case you are going for a party.

Lip gloss

Get your favorite lipstick or lip gloss together for a final touch.

Now get a perfect bag to put these all together this weekend. Whether stored in your purse or in your car, this kit would come in handy to save you for the most embarrassing situations.