Outdoor Activities for Kids To keep your Family fit

outdoor activities for kids

5 Outdoor activities for kids to ensure the fitness of your Family

outdoor activities for kids


Do you think your family spends together more time watching TV than in any physical activity? Don’t you think it would be great to include your family in some sort of fitness exercise often? Getting involved in some sort of outdoor activity with your family would not only improve the health of your family but also would motivate you to exercise more often and would enhance the bonding that you share with each other. Find out some interesting ideas how you can make these outdoor activities for kids work for everyone in your family.


Family marathon

Start off by jogging at a comfortable pace together. Run in a single file wherein the person in the end replaces the first person and is in turn replaced by the person in the end after some time. Change the leader after every two minutes and continue till everyone in the file has become a leader. You can also challenge each other in a race.


Take your family out for a bike ride every morning. Biking is a great cardio exercise which will help you in attaining your family fitness goal. Make it a daily habit and the results would work wonders for your family.


Try to participate in the marathons organized for a cause and support it as a family. Alternatively you can also go for a walk post dinner every day to spend some quality time together by just talking about how the day was.


Beat the heat this summer by enrolling your family for swimming classes. Swimming is a great aerobic exercise and is a fun way to stay healthy. Keep your family fit, relax and exercise by swimming everyday for an hour.

Outdoor Games

Play Frisbee with your family in a park or in an open field. Once everyone masters the trick of throwing a Frisbee, you can build several games around it like behind the back, under the leg etc.

These are some forms of family exercises involving little or no investment. You just need to be convinced and motivated that your family needs more exercise and time together to implement the above. However, in case you feel that your work schedule wouldn’t allow you to take out time for these, you could get your family members or kids to join a Gymnastics Training Center or sports coaching (whatever they are more interested in). The objective is to keep them active and moving so that they don’t spend their entire time in front of the television.

If you have any more fun activities that our readers can use, please share it in the comments section.