Skin care tips for Holi

skin care tips for holi

Holi is a festival of colors and the vibrant nature in the atmosphere is enough to lift our spirits. While you should definitely enjoy Holi, we also want to ensure that it is safe.  Chemicals in colors may cause severe skin irritation not limited to rashes, acne, and other skin allergies. Apart from using herbal and organic colors, there are several skin care tips for holi that can help prevent any potential damage or reaction to your skin.

skin care tips for holi


Skin care Tips Before Holi-

  1. Dig out some old clothes to wear something that covers most of your body so that less of skin is exposed.
  2. Apply some almond oil with rose water or cold cream on exposed body parts atleast half an hour before. This will prevent the colours from settling down on your skin.
  3. Just before leaving apply sunscreen too to prevent tanning.
  4. Keep yourself well hydrated to avoid dry skin
  5. Apply Vaseline on your ears, eyelids and lips to keep them moisturized.
  6. Apply nail paint on your nails to avoid coloring. Also apply Vaseline on them to keep them moisturized.

Skin care Tips After Holi-

  1. Irritation with colors, wash them immediately and apply Lacto calamine, If persists, check with dermatologist.
  2. Try to wash colors when they are still wet as it would be difficult to remove them once they are dry.
  3. Apply aloe vera , almond or olive oil on your face and body and leave it for a min
  4. Rub the oil off using cotton.
  5. Apply cream based bodywash/ soap and add a little oil to it. Don’t rub your face or body too much as you can develop rashes later on.
  6. Make a home made pack using gram flour (besan) with milk for removing colors. Apply the pack, let it dry and then wash it off.
  7. Moisturize well after the shower with aloe vera oil or a good moisturizer.
  8. Do not use any facial scrub as it might cause skin irritation and acne.
  9. Cut half a lemon and rub it on your face and body. It has natural bleaching properties.
  10. Use a toner after cleaning your skin to reduce the effect of chemicals on your skin.

Have a safe and happy holi!