Tragedy of a MARRIAGEable age….

A phase of life, a time to hide
from every nook and corner you try to slide
first time ever you feel best to look worse
fail the acceptability test, it really works
not attract attention rather be absent at all
that’s what you feel good about and have a ball
‘the’ behavior and wish is not always approved
and when you enter a place full of people you always get the look
“she’s thier daughter?, umm- what does she do?”
“she’s fair and nice, is she ready to be a bride?”
Ladies and men keep passing their comments
followed by their most innovative bids
“Our son is doctor, we need nothing but your daughter”
“My son is earns xyz, and what else does today’s girl need”
Its not easy for the guys either,
It’s a sign that their chilled out bachelorhood is round the corner to wither
you feel like you’re an auctioable piece
the sale is limited and the deal must freeze
if time goes by and you lose your taker
you go obselete and everyone points you their finger
Mummy and daddy show their acting skills
Their stress levels rise so high that they need to take pills
emotional atyachaar crosses all high statistical bars
and the question is always there on the radar
On succumbing, the tragedy ends with a smile
Its a way life teases you once in a while! :) ;)
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