22 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

makeup mistakes to avoid

makeup mistakes to avoid

The world of makeup is ever changing and here is always something new to learn. Whether it’s a new technique for contouring or highlighting, we always excitedly welcome the latest trends and products with open arms. However, the sheer volume of information about the latest trends can be daunting and can lead to disastrous makeup mistakes. Are you using the right foundation shade? Are you using a primer? Is your bronzer applied correctly? Do you really need to set that makeup with a powder? Read on to find out the makeup mistakes that you might be unintentionally making. We are sure you are going to learn a trick or two.

1. Dirty makeup brushes

We have all been guilty of not cleaning our makeup brushes. Most makeup artists also confess about their mutual dislike for the time-consuming brush cleaning process. Not only does dirty makeup brushes cause breakouts, they also affect your makeup application. A brush overloaded with pigment cannot give you the perfect makeup.

2. Using lip liner just on the edges

Unless you want to pose a retro look, don’t use lip liner just on the edges. Even if you apply lipstick over it, it will fade over time leaving just a line around your lips. Instead either forego the liner altogether or fill in totally for an all-day lip color.

3. Skip base coat

Wonder why your at-home manicures don’t last that long. It because you skip the base coat which gives a more durable and glossy finish to your nail paint.

4. Not setting concealer

Hiding your blemishes and dark circles with just the concealer might not do the job. Even with primer, the concealer can lighten revealing your troubled spots. Lock your concealer for a foolproof makeup by light dusting of translucent powder.

5. Using glitter eye shadow without a primer

We all hate glitter eye shadow because of all the fallout (glitter all over the face after application). We are doing it wrong. Instead, dampen a brush with some redness relieving eye drops, pat it on your favorite shade and then apply it on the lid. The glitter is more likely to stay using this trick. Any stray glitter particles can be removes with a strip of tape.

6. Keeping the makeup for too long

Makeup does expire. Most of the products have a shelf life of a few months to less than a year. If you have old products, it’s time to throw them out.

7. Testing foundation on hand

While we are already aware of it, we have all done it. Why should you test foundation on your hand when you will wear it on your face? Most of the times, your hands and face have different color. For the perfect foundation shade, try it on your jawline.

8. Wrong concealer application

While it makes more sense to just apply the concealer on the top of your dark circles, applying it in a triangle shape under your eyes gives a more natural look.

9. Wear waterproof mascara daily

Unless you swim everyday or sweat a lot, you shouldn’t wear a waterproof mascara everyday. The formula is really drying on the lashes. Also they are hard to remove from the eyelashes due to which you would end up rubbing your eyes a lot, losing some in the process.

10. Applying matte lipstick on dry lips

We know how it is going to end. To wear matte lipsticks, your lips should be properly nourished to wear them, Exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead cells and follow up with a lip balm.

11. Sleeping with your makeup

Yes, we all know its bad. This is the reason why cleansing wipes were invented. Apart from causing breakouts, sleeping with your makeup on can make you look older sooner. Sleeping with the makeup cause it to settle down in your pores, stretching them out. Enlarged pores cause rough, aged skin. To maintain a dewy youthful skin, we should inculcate better habits.

12. Wrong concealer shade

While it might seem logical to get your concealer of a lighter shade, doing so would just draw more attention to your troubled spots. Instead opt for a concealer in tune with your foundation, which should match your natural skin tone.

13. Wrong blush

If your blush looks overdone, it’s time to consider switching from powder to cream or vice versa. Skin type and season should be considered while making a choice. While powder stays longer they may look absurd on dry, wrinkled skin. Also cream gives a natural looking color but will slide off on oily skin.

14. Wearing too much foundation

Unless you are hiding blemishes, do not apply foundation on your entire face. Instead focus on areas, which need attention, like T-zone, under eyes, around nose and leave the rest of the skin fresh.

15. Curling your lashes with mascara

Apart from ruining your mascara, the curler might also stick to your lashes pulling them out.

16. Incorrect blush application

We hope you are not literally making apples on your cheeks for applying blush. Smile and apply blush from the apples along your cheekbones to your temples. Blend it well.

17. Efficient use of bronzer

Sometimes, for a sun-kissed glow, we tend to use a bronzer instead of a self-tanner on our face. Your pale hairline and neck will spoil your entire look. Apply a light shimmery bronzer on the forehead, bridge of your nose, cheekbones and chin for a real tan.

18. Using nail polish remover for old dried nail color

This is the real reason why some manicures never last. The chemicals in the remover break down the polish. Use a nail polish thinner instead.

19. Wrong lighting

While its not possible to always do your makeup in natural daylight, it might give you the ‘best results. Ideally you should apply makeup in the same lighting, as you would be staying for the day. Errors are much more prominent due to the difference in lighting during the makeup application and the destination.

20. Using wrong primer

Pairing up wrong primer with foundation may cause your makeup to look too built-up. Instead pair a water-based foundation with a water-based primer and silicone primer with silicone foundation for best results.

21. Applying too much powder

Applying too much powder can make your face appear cakey and heavy. To avoid this, use blotting papers throughout the day to absorb oil.

22. Wearing wrong eye shadow shade

Wear an eye shadow shade that is not an exact match of your eye color. This will enhance the color of your eyes. For blue eyes, you should try brown, copper, bronze, plum and for brown eyes, blue, green, purple or mahogany will bring the color of your eyes more.