A Random Friday Nyt……

Its been quite some time I have been wondering what to write in my blog so that it is a good read
So here I am writing about my life and my friends, my emotions n blah blah blah… Nywayz its not just about me its about ppl whom I live with…
Something that would interest no one other than me though… L

The start of a brand new journey into the unknown…The first birthday of the new year!!!!

Venue– J – 18, Lajpat Ngr
Hosts– Rohit, shayakh n sajid
Guests – Rishab, Sameer, Amrita, Chauhan, Varun (Guest app only), Rathee
n last but not d least THE BIRTHDAY Boy– Saluja

One of the few good days of my spinster life

After slogging you ass for days together at work; can anything be better start to a weekend than a friend’s bday party??…Weekends which would have been otherwise spent on the bed all day sleeping…
Birthdays are few of those occasions when all of us dig out time from our otherwise not so busy schedule to catch up with our old beloved college friends…
It’s the time when we can party our heart out, do all crazy stuff, put on the music loud enough to scare all neighbours, dance to crack the floor & ceilings (which we have already done…  😉 ), drive kms away from delhi just to have a burger or a parantha or sip a cup of coffee @HCL

The Conversations….

Its rightly said- “Most of us can keep a secret. It’s the people we tell it to who can’t….”
One of the most important part of get togethers are the gossips and the revelations of the secrets that follow.. once you are a few pegs down (be it alcoholic or cold drink on the rocks) it’s a lil difficult to hold back yourself from revealing sth like— silent crushes, hidden affairs, publically made kisses(which are unknown to the general public though) ,Google chats n d  most important STORIES all adding ‘masala’ to our otherwise boring n moronic lives.
The stories finally made even our (undercover)gossip king and queen baffled…
Muzic n dance-
A party without music n dance is like life without love ….It was impossible to resist the temptation to join the league with songs like “Saat Samundar paar” playing…So there we were,all 11 fat asses jumping and hopping on the floor, matching our expressions to the lyrics ….
Our house-party is incomplete without Rohit’s dance performance on “Hawa Hawa”
The Dinner….
None of us would have ever imagined in the wildest of our thoughts that we would be actually travelling kms away to Manesar to grab a bite of a Mc Donald’s burger…lolz
But there we were tuned to the radio stations, singing along with th songs that played, dancing with our seat belts on and driving over 155 kmph….
Thanks to everyone who was dere for making it such a memorable nyt n to all those who couldn’t make it “ U guyz missed a lott”
Cheerz !!!



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