DIY (Body Scrub/Polisher) for Celebrity like glowing skin

Hello Gorgeous!

This is a body polisher which can, easily be made at home, in less than 5 minutes, and provides the most supple baby like skin leaving your body glowing and requires just few simple ingredients which are easily available at your local supermarket or drug store and definitely at the most affordable prices and one packet of each goes a long way!

body scrub 2

So let’s get started :):)-

All you need  are these three simple ingredients to make this scrub or a body polisher

  1. Oats 2tbs
  2. Brown sugar 2tbs
  3. Grapeseed oil  2tbs ( when buying grapeseed oil, just go for the simple one need not be an organic usually it is 3$ for 500ml)

*Oats as we all know comes in a flakey form here we just need to grind them into a powder and store it. The benefits of oats to our skin is amazing- it is very deep cleansing and provides great nourishment, oats can be easily used by those who suffer from skin condition like eczema, so it is  highly recommended even for those having  sensitive skin.

*Next brown sugar  here we are using brown sugar,as opposed to the white one because it is very moisturizing and is a great Skin polisher and it’s abrasive enough for gentle exfoliation and not too abrasive enough to cause any damage.

*Third ingredient is the Grapeseed oil , Grapeseed oil is such a versatile oil which can help in cleansing skin (even as a makeup remover) and also has lots of beneficial properties the reason why olive or any other oil is not used because olive oil can be too thick to use in shower , Grapeseed oil is quite light and gets absorbed in no time at all

Add all of them and mix them all so that it becomes one, it’s going to be gritty in texture, You can store it too as it has a shelf life of 1 week, but normally the quantity mentioned above gets used up at one go itself so you can always make a fresh oneJ


When in shower scrub your body with this mixture with circular motion like you would do while taking bath as you will be doing that you will find that the mixture is getting easily absorbed into the skin and while in that process the goodness of these three ingredients are sloughing away the dead cells in the most gentle way and rinse yourself with plain warm water!  Voila you will see that your skin is the softest!!

Do this thrice a week and if there is something imp coming up just do it continuously for three days leading up to the important event, you will  get the skin which is gorgeous and soft.

Make this thing a habit and see yourself having the most gorgeous and shiny skin.

Stay Tuned for more such great DIY’s 🙂





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