10 Favourite Healthy Snacks

healthy snacks options

The imprinted notion among women is to deter snacking to avoid conspicuous weight gain. But contrary to the intention, healthy snacking is actually good for you and is considered as a significant opportunity to fuel your body in between meals. If you pick healthy options and prudently snack on food rich in fiber and protein, you will benefit from overeating and increase your nutrient intake.

For those of us craving for a break off meal, healthy snacking is not so bad as long as you devour small quantities that just about fends off hunger and revives energy levels. Good snacking is when you nibble a healthy ratio of nutrients with the perfect amount of calories that energises the body and sometimes helps lose weight. Surprised?Read on to find out the top ten favorites of healthy snackers.

None of the below listed favorites are confined to a particular time of the day. In fact, for night snackers who love to nosh at night, healthy snacking can actually help regulate a balanced appetite. A nimble tip is to invest in single-serving containers that check and limit your snack intake and satisfy the palate at the same time.

Here is a list of the top ten favorite healthy snacks that is bound to raise energy levels and keep you feeling fit and healthy at the same time.


Absolutely any fruit is the optimal snack but we favor apples and berries. Infact, why not take it one step higher by serving up some greek or low fat yogurt over seasonal berries with good measure of honey drizzle to coat the fruit. This is so easy to prep and super quick to eat. For some added protein, a glass of skim milk with a juicy gala or fuji apple will do you justice. Also try some grapes and a handful of walnuts that creates the perfect combination of healthy fats, natural sugars and proteins that can satisfy any growling tummy.


Often seen as the forbidden food, dark chocolate is the exception. The cacao richness in dark chocolate is the contrast between typical chocolate and sugar infused chocolates. The secret is snacking on high content (above 70%) cacao that is packed with rich flavonoids and antioxidants which works wonders on the human body. If you can discreetly dodge the taste of the chalky bitterness in dark chocolate you will casually get accustomed to the richness of the cocoa and enjoy a bite or two.


Women are always lacking fiber and protein in their diets that is basically required to prevent diseases and increase nutrition.A cup of edamame is the perfect pick-me-up kind of snack that is gluten-free ,low in calories and high in polysaturated fats. Whether you buy it fresh or frozen, it is best eaten, skin on, steamed with a dash of salt.


These delicious fiber rich snacks increases good cholesterol and reduces risk of heart diseases,so go ahead and opt to snack on some juicy black or kalamata olives that provides a moral dose of vitamin A and E. Be mindful that while olives are so delectable you cannot help but have to tame your appetite to restrict your intake. Purchase a good brand of olives and add them to salads or toppings for that extra dose of nutrition.


Avocados are incredibly nutritious and are rightly called a superfood that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and monosaturated fats. Eating avocados do the stressed-out body a world of good. It is one superfood that is so easy to incorporate into your diet. For us, purists eating half an avocado with a dab of lemon juice and a dash of salt can make for one delicious snack. You can also opt to spread the avocado on a slice of multigrain bread for a richer more fulfilling snack. That said, did you know that avocados can also be grown in your house? Good quality avocado seedlings can bring growers a good yield. This depends on the type of seed, weather conditions, and the quality of soil one is using. Additionally, you need to gather more information regarding the procedure. For that, you might want to look out for web pages that might be able to give an insight into αβοκάντο-avocado cultivation techniques.


Be it pistachios, walnuts or almonds, nuts present a unique nutritional package that makes them the perfect satisfactory snack. A handful of unsalted raw almonds, walnuts and pistachios can cater to a lifetime of benefits as they are graciously packed with heart healthy fats, vitamins and proteins. These bite size powerhouses are nature’s gift to us and must be eaten to promote a healthier lifestyle.


Yes, the healthy alternative to those nasty deep fried potato chips – these DIY Kale chips are super crunchy and delicious with lesser amount of calories and fats compared to their compeers. To make some yummy kale chips just drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt over the fresh kale leaves and bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes or until crisp. Enjoy!


Nothing triggers you better than fresh veggies dipped in a smooth creamy homemade hummus. Celery, carrots or bell peppers served with hummus can satisfy that rumble in your belly.This is a super cool way to incorporate more vegetables in your diet and the hummus is such a basic dish that you can prep and make at home. It is ideal to dunk in veggie crudites.


The oven roasted chickpeas are a balanced snack to munch on be it spicy, sweet or savoury. They are crunchy, flavorful and delicious and ofcourse quite naturally you are going to love it.


One of the best foods that your body deserves, yogurt aids in digestion and balances the gut. The probiotics in low fat yogurt result in health benefits when eaten in adequate amounts and is one of the primary reasons that health conscious people choose to consume low fat yogurt daily.

From appetite control to boosting energy levels, healthy snacking can sometimes satiate nutritious equivalents lacking in regular meals. Please note that it is vital to report your allergy symptoms and discuss your food disorders with your doctor incase of any allergies.

We would love to hear from you: What are your favorite healthy snacks options?