10 inexpensive ways of celebrating Mothers day

mothers-day-017She gave you birth, raised you and was your friend since you were born. She is the most important woman in your life. On Mother’s day take time to remind yourself and thank her for everything that she has done for us. Mother’s day is around the corner, on 12th May, 2013 so here we come with some interesting ideas to surprise your mom and make it a special day for her. Plan ahead and keep her interests in mind while deciding the plans for the day.


  1. Give her a day off from her household chores like cleaning, laundry, cooking, dishes, ironing etc and take care of them. It’s her day and she needs a break. Nothing can be more relaxing than taking a day off.
  2. Prepare breakfast for her. Cook her favorite dish and serve her breakfast on bed. It’s a perfect start for the day.
  3. Place a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers on the bedside table. There are several florists out there to choose from. For instance, if you happen to be in Singapore, Look no further than Urban Meadow Flowers.
  4. Take her out for lunch at her favorite restaurant and let her enjoy it. It’s a day for her and she should be appreciated for all her efforts.
  5. Take her out for a movie. Your mother will appreciate the quality time that she would spend with her family. Make her the queen for the day.
  6. You can also plan a get together with all your family members. Nothing can be better than celebrating the day together. Turn the day into something adventurous by taking your entire family out for a picnic, visiting a botanical garden, or setting up a barbeque in the garden. Prepare the entire menu by yourself and with assistance from your siblings. You also look for some diy mothers day gift ideas, make something simple, yet meaningful, and surprise her during the picnic.
  7. Pamper her with a spa treatment. Nothing can be more relaxing than gifting her spa coupon.
  8. Take her out shopping. Every woman on this earth is fond of shopping, and what can be better than treating her with a shopping plan on her day.
  9. If you don’t live with your mother, you can send her a collage of old pictures or can make a video with messages and regards from all siblings to surprise her. Don’t forget the box of chocolates with it.
  10. Gift her a CD with her favorite collection of songs. Let her have fun listening to the oldies.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the gift. The most important thing is to treat her like a queen on her day and surprise her with the little joys. Let her know how special she is for you. A simple hug or a kiss is enough to brighten her spirits.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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