The Act of Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

The ritual of dry brushing is amplifying among the masses and I must disclose that it feels intimidating at first. But as you read and hear of people distinctly talking about it, you cautiously mull over the outcome of laying this technique to test. After all, with minimal effort comes maximum gain is the sanctioned claim, so why not deliberate?

The process itself is facile with simple and easy steps to observe. The onerous is to get the deed of dry brushing into a typical daily routine, say about five to ten minutes a day is considered fair. The results are notably amazing. From detoxifying the body of all that extra cellulite to releasing toxins trapped under the skin, or even unclogging pores and boosting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are only few of the key benefits of dry brushing. Basically, it is like a good release of all the toxic stuff you don’t have to carry anymore.

Like any form of act, there are tidbits of information that is decisive for maximum benefit. Lets take a closer look at how this technique can be successfully performed to attain the best results.

The Essentials:

It is important to make an investment in a good quality dry brush, after all the perks are synonymous to the kind of brush you use. I’m a firm believer in all things natural, so first purchase a natural (preferably vegetable-derived) brush that has a long handle for those hard to reach areas.

The Act:

By using a coarse dry brush on dry skin you have to brush in upward strokes towards the heart. The idea is to lightly brush by making long sweeps and for the stomach use clockwise sweeps. You are advised to refrain from scrubbing,  back and forth or circular motions. It has to be one clean sweep and be gentle on those sensitive areas of the body.

The Process:

Starting from the feet go up both sides of your legs towards the heart in one  sweep stroke. For sensitive areas like stomach, armpits and breasts be gentle and move towards the heart. Finish by brushing your hands and arms towards your armpits. The back is an exception, so brush from neck down to lower back. Focus on thighs and bottom where cellulite buildup is intense.

The Habit:

Before hopping into the shower, this is a good routine to habituate preferably every morning.Upon stringent practice, this will become your go to wake up call. Please do take your time to seduce yourself brushing your entire body and then shower. After a refreshing shower, moisturise your body with a good quality natural fruit oil or the holy grail of healthy living -use coconut oil.

Remember, this act of dry brushing results in shedding dead skin cells that fall to the ground, so make sure you are already in the bathroom to accommodate easy clean up.

The Hygienics:

It is essential to wash your brush and dry it out completely to dispose bacteria and mildew. A few minutes in the sun will ensure that. Also, clear out the fallen dead skin before you shower.

The Tips:

It is important to avoid bruised areas of the skin especially skin abrasions and open wounds. The brushing process should be gentle and firm enough for your comfort, no need to get aggressive or over sensitive with your act. Learn to love the process. Brush several times to overlap any areas that need hard-line attention. To see positive results, you need to ardently practice this act for at least a month. Pregnant women are advised to discuss dry brushing before application. Needless to say, stop brushing if allergic reactions occur.

The Benefits:

In addition to buffing dead skin, this act promotes blood flow, cell renewal and firmer skin. Those perpetually dry areas around the ankles, knees and elbows will be so relieved to spiff up dead skin. You may also find your body stimulated and energised from a session of dry brushing.

So, here we have a beautiful covenant revealed and readily available for your convenience. Go ahead and give it a try, your body will ultimately thank you for the appreciative acquisition.