10 Ways to boost your energy levels

10 Ways to boost your energy levels

Do you drag yourself all day to get things done? Has fatigue become an everyday issue? Do you always feel tired?

Long hours of work, hectic schedule, sedentary life and stress have all drained us of our drive to get-up and get going.

Well, you are not left with the only option of taking supplements. There is no longer the need to start popping fancy pills and supplements with ginseng, guarana or something else, considered to be energy boosters.

Thankfully there are things that you can include in your lifestyle to boost your energy levels naturally. Read on to find out how-


Have breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we tend to ignore this meal most of the times. Believe me though, just getup 15 minutes early to eat some breakfast and see your energy levels for the rest of the day. Research studies have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to be overweight, lethargic and less healthy than those who have it regularly.


While you might think that doing some exercise with low energy levels would leave you more exhausted, the opposite is true. Exercising causes release of stress hormones in your body which makes you feel energized. It also ensures that you have a sound sleep. You can start with a brisk walk every day.

Avoid smoking

Not only does smoking causes several lung diseases, the nicotine in tobacco, raises heart rate and blood pressure and causes insomnia. Disturbed sleep due to smoking might be the reason for your fatigue.

Reduce stress and anger

Anxiety causes stress and can leave you exhausted even if you did nothing during the day. Anger also causes exhaustion as we try to suppress this feeling. While exercising helps you combat the ill effects of anger and stress, you can also try activities like reading a book or listening to music for relaxation. Many people also tend to incorporate a microdose of psilocybe cubensis species of mushrooms, perhaps those available at https://buymyweedonline.com/shrooms/, into their regular routines to boost energy levels, as well as creativity and focus on their daily tasks. Microdosing can likewise help reduce stress, anxiety, and emotional upheaval. If you didn’t fancy mushrooms, you may wish to try a marijuana product instead. With so much variety when it comes to products – such as oils, balms, cigarettes, vapes, edibles in pounds mylar bags that can seem more like sweets than medication – you are bound to find something that suits you and your lifestyle. Use different types of accessories to consume various kinds of CBD products (for example, you could use accessories such as https://thefreezepipe.com/pages/bubbler to smoke your marijuana buds) to improve your experience.

Drink more water and less alcohol

Sometimes even slight dehydration can leave you exhausted and tired. Try drinking at least 1-2 liters of water every day. Alcohol on the other hand aggravates dehydration and hence leaves you fatigued.

Eat more Whole grains and less sugar

This would help in balancing the sugar levels of your body. Having a chocolate causes an initial burst of energy; however this is followed by a rapid drop in blood sugar which causes exhaustion. Whole grains on the other hand provide a slow and steady source of energy and hence prevents major fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Balanced diet

Some people might be suffering from chronic fatigue Syndrome due to Vitamin B and folate deficiency. Deficiency of certain nutrients is one of the reasons why people are tired and hence it is important to have a balanced diet. If you are missing out on certain nutrients in your diet compensate them by taking supplements like Iron supplements, multivitamins to address the problem

Eat for Energy

Instead of having two or three heavy meals, divide your meals into five to six small meals a day. Eat foods with low glycemic index like whole grains, nuts, vegetables, olive oil etc to maintain a constant flow of energy in your body.

Cup of coffee

Caffeine in coffee can help you increase alertness, however if you have lots of it you will have difficulty in sleeping. It can cause insomnia when consumed in large amounts after 2pm.

Balance your life

Most people have a hectic life and have a hundred things to focus on at the same time. However, it is important to strike a proper work-life balance so that you can relax. Indulge in a hobby; spend time with family and friends. Listen to soothing music. Get organized and delegate some work to lessen the unnecessary burden. Do everything to calm and relax your mind–if that means having to resort to cannabis products like CBD oil, then go for it (you can buy the above-mentioned product from Blessed CBD) after consulting a health professional.


Give these ten steps a try to boost your energy levels and let us know your feedback. If you liked the post, consider leaving a comment or sharing it with your friends on facebook, twitter, Google + or Pinterest through the buttons given here.

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