Stay Happy: 13 ways to beat the blues

sad-womanOffice stress, troubled relationships, financial issues or just a foul mood are enough to make you upset and depressed.

Everyone has a sad day now and then; it’s a part of life. But that doesn’t mean that all you can do is sleep and stay at home to surpass the feeling. There are ways by which you can boost your spirits and bring back the sunshine to your disposition.


Try these simple steps the next time you feel low and let us know if they still leave you frowning. These are simple and easy to implement, however the real test would be whether you will implement them in your life to gain their benefits.

Drink lots of water:It is advised to have at least 1 to 2 liters of fresh water every day. Less water intake can cause dehydration and head ache adding up to your bad mood.

Go out: Most of us prefer staying indoors when we are depressed, but trust us this will only aggravate the melancholy feeling. Try to go for a walk, for a coffee, to a restaurant or with friends even if you do not wish to.

Listen to music: Tune in your favorite collection of songs and just listen to it. It will help you uplift your mood.

Dance: You have your favorite collection playing; now just shake a leg to it. Forget about everything and do all your silly dance moves.

Exercise: Working out a bit can cause the endorphins to kick in which helps in raising your mood. The more you love yourself, the better the mood will be.

Diet: Watch what you eat. Chocolates are considered anti-depressants, but replace them with fresh fruits and veggies to avoid the feeling of guilt by indulging in it.

Phone a friend: Call up a friend and share your blues with them. You will feel light. However do not dwell on the same topic only, try to keep the conversation light.

Pray: If you are a religious person, saying a few prayers would make you feel more connected with yourself.

Read a book: Bust out a book that you have been longing to read.

Pamper yourself: This is the best time to get pampered at a spa or a salon.

Help the needy: Helping someone will make you happy. It gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Watch Movies: Watch some of your favorite movies using things like mediacom internet plans.

Cook: The idea is to keep you busy. Cook something that you have been longing to. Bake a cake or just prepare your favorite dish.

Sleep: You may be tired because of sleep deprivation. De-stress yourself by taking a nap. Alternate options such as CBD products can also come in handy when sleep deprivation is considered. online cannabis retailers such as mmj express might prove helpful if you are considering going down this route.

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