12 Reasons Lemon Juice Is Good For You

benefits of lemon juice

benefits of lemon juice

Want to get healthy? Include lemon juice in your diet. Apart from giving flavor to dishes they also have tons of health benefits. Here are 12 reasons why you should make them a part of your meal right away.

1. Start Your Day Right

Replace your morning coffee with a glass of lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice to stimulate your digestive track and add Vitamin C.

2. Support Weight Loss

Lemon Juice contains a soluble fiber, pectin that helps in weight loss.

3. Sore Throat

Have lemon juice with honey to alleviate sore throats.

4. Prevents Kidney Stones

Drinking lemon juice raises the citrate levels in the urine, which can prevent stones in the kidney.

5. Anti-inflammatory

Rubbing lemon juice on area infected by insect bites can soothe the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Balance pH

They help in maintaining the pH of the body as it has alkaline properties.

7. Minerals

Not only are lemons packed with Vitamin C, they also have Potassium which is essential for building proteins, muscles and for maintaining normal body growth.

8. Anti-acne

Citric acid in lemon can be effective in treating acne. Vitamin C in lemon is vital for a healthy glowing skin while the alkaline properties of lemon kills some acne-causing bacteria. It is also a natural blood purifier.

9. Bring down Fever

When your temperature goes up, drink lemon juice mixture to rehydrate your body and lessen the chills.

10. Aids digestion

Lemon juice is excellent to cure constipation or indigestion.

11. Dental care

Relieves toothache, eliminates bad odors and when massaged on gums it prevents gum bleeding.

12. Anti-cancer properties

Lastly lemons have 22 anti-cancer compounds including limonene, which is an oil known for slowing the growth of cancer tumors.

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