14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

While you might not agree, you have been wasting a lot of money on buying things from you local department store, which could have been bought at a Dollar Store for much less. Most of us overlook the products stacked at the dollar store to be not up to mark. While it may be true for some things, it’s definitely not true for all. Read on to find things to buy at the dollar store to save a ton of money. Thank us later!

For Special Occasions-

14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store

Greeting Cards

These days’ regular greeting cards from any store normally costs around $5 per card. Instead to buy a card, head to your nearest dollar store for their collection. Sometimes you can even get two cards for $1. While the quality of the card might not be great, it’s always the message written inside the card that matters.

Party Supplies

Have a few guests coming over? Get packs of cups, plates, glasses and napkins from your dollar store for less. Sometimes you might find some decoration items too for your parties.

Seasonal decor

There is no point in spending lots of money on holiday decorations and party supplies, which will only be seen once a year. Instead head to your nearest dollar store to get tons of cute decoration options for $1 or less. You will spend much less on decorating your entire house. They also stack a wide variety of Christmas tree ornaments in different colors. While they may not be very durable, they last longer if you handle them with care, if not they were just for $1. You can also find really cheap gift-wrap and bag options for Christmas.

For Home:

14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store


Most of the cleaning supplies have the same ingredients across different brands. Dollar stores usually stock up a lot of cleaners for a much lesser price than your branded products. Even if the cleaner is a bit more diluted, you can use more of it for cleaning. Do remember, you got it for just $1! Also you can buy the ingredients for making your own cleaner from scratch. They also store disposable gloves, sponges and cloths for a much lesser price.

Storage Containers

Buy plastic storage containers and Tupperware for nearly half the price you pay at your container store. Dollar stores have a really awesome collection of storage containers, which are great for organizing your home for much less.

Mugs and Glassware

Most dollar stores offer a wide variety of mugs, glassware; cups, bowls, even wine glasses at a great price. Their collection usually can match your existing dinnerware. You can also start building one of your own if you don’t want to splurge on branded glassware. They also have a nice selection of colorful dishware. While they aren’t of awesome quality, they can definitely be used.

Tin Foil, Parchment Paper, Wax Paper

These are definitely not the items you should splurge on. Save some money and buy them at the dollar store.

For kitchen:

14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store


While you can’t get the most exotic selection of spices at a dollar store, you will definitely find the basic ones. Paying just a dollar for large boxes of basic kitchen spices is not a bad deal. Salt is also a great buy at a dollar store.

Boxed Candies

Want to run a movie marathon? Make a trip to the nearest dollar store to stock up on the colorful candies for a romantic date night with your partner. You will thank your wallet for the inexpensive affair.

For yourself:

14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store


Socks need constant replacement. So why spend $10-12 on socks when you can get a bunch for much less. They usually have a pair for both men and women available in a variety of sizes. Choose your best fit and get a bunch of them for your regular use. Added benefit, nobody really notices how much you paid for your socks!

Hair Accessories

You can buy the basic hair accessories for a much lesser price at the dollar store. Hair elastics, headbands, combs and basic brushes are all made of the same material and it doesn’t matter where you buy them. So save some money and buy them at the dollar store.

For DIY:

14 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store


Getting craft supplies for your kids can turn out to be really pricey! Visit your nearest dollar store to buy paint, glitter, beads etc. for much less, or even get yourself quilting patterns for free online from somewhere like https://www.accuquilt.com/patterns/free-quilt-patterns.html.

Picture Frames

Instead of buying picture frames for upwards of $10 at Target, head to your dollar store for your new wall decoration project. You can paint the frames, as you like for your next home décor project.

Flower Pots

While they may not have the prettiest flowerpots available, they do serve the purpose. Pick some for your garden and paint them for a great look at a much lesser price.

What are your things to buy at the dollar store?