9 Foundations for a Healthy Relationship

9 Foundations for a Healthy Relationship

Every successful and healthy relationship needs a strong foundation to stand the tides of time. Foundations are what hold the structure of your relationship in place when things go awry in the years that follow. While no relationship is perfect, a successful one requires a constant effort, dedication and compromise from both the partners. Initially everything might seem effortless and exciting but the more time you spend together, differences start to pop. Without these foundations, the relationship would inevitably collapse. Here are the foundations for a successful relationship:



Every successful relationship is built on love and commitment. Be committed in your relationship to love and support each other through ups and downs. True love is one, which stands the tests of time.

Have fun together

The most important thing in building a solid foundation for any healthy relationship is to ensure to have fun together. You must laugh with each other, share jokes, do fun things together. Sex is also an important and fun part of a relationship, which requires good communication to understand each other’s needs and sexual desires, including introducing things like WinkWinkSexToys to the bedroom. This is the way you will form a strong bond, which will help you overcome every obstacle that you may encounter.

Love as an action

Actions speak louder than words. If you love your partner and want to build a strong foundation for your relationship you must show that love through actions. You are the best person to know what your partner loves, simply do it.

Apologize for your mistakes

To err is human! We are all human and we do make mistakes. The crucial thing is to retrospect yourself and realize when you are wrong. Apologize when you hurt other’s feelings especially when it’s of your better half.

Patience and Forgiveness

When your partner admits their faults, do not dig up the past to hold them hostage. Instead be forgiving and try to make amends so that it doesn’t happen in future. It will make you feel better.

Emotional support

To have a blissful and healthy relationship, you need to accept your partner with all the good and bad. Don’t overburden them with your expectations and how they fail to meet them, Acceptance and understanding is the key here and you need to show your significant other how much you love them.


Disagreement is common in any relationship. However, to create a solid foundation you’re your relationship, you need to find a workaround on these disagreements to reach common grounds. Compromising is a better resolution than starting a cycle of repeated fights over disagreements.

Mutual respect

The most important thing needed for a relationship to work is mutual respect and trust. Cherish their company and give value to their thoughts and ideas.


Try to express your needs, desires and feelings to each other so that your partner can know what they need to make you feel loved. Be a good listener too and try to understand what your partner is telling you. This will prevent any future misunderstandings in your relationship.

Do you have any other foundations that a successful relationship needs? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!