20 Things I learnt in 2012

We all have our share of experiences and what we take home from them. Here is what I have learnt from the past year-

1. This is your life and you are the only one responsible for your happiness.

             2.  If you don’t like something only you can change it.

3.  Do things that you love and do it often. You will be happy.

4.  Travel often. They make experiences to cherish for a lifetime.

5.  If you don’t like someone no one can force you to be with them.

6.  Cribbing doesn’t help. If you do, it’s high time to do something to change it.

7.  Prevention is undoubtedly always better than cure.

8.  Nothing is as great as a good sleep.

9.  You can never please everyone. It’s better to try not to.

10. Excuses are lame. We all know how to manage our time and priorities.

11. Love might not always have a perfect ending but that doesn’t mean that you loved them less.

12. Friends are the most important people in life. They stay with you even though you are in touch with them or not.

13. It’s a small world and the things you have left behind will come back to you again.

14. The only unconditional love is what your parents do you.

15.  I am staying in Delhi, the rape capital of India and hence no matter how brave I am, it’s insane for me to get home late.

16.  You ought to speak for yourself. If you don’t no one else is to be blamed for the repercussions.

17.  People talk shit when they are drunk and blame it on the alcohol. However they do know what they are talking about.

18.  You cannot stop people from judging you, just the way you cannot be friends with everyone.

19.  Vampire series feature the best looking men in the world.

20.  Open yourself to new people; we are all united in our differences.