7 Reasons why you should watch House Of Cards

House of cards new series

Have you tuned in to Netflix to watch their show ‘House of Cards’? If you haven’t already, you should. This political thriller is sure to blow your mind. It’s a entirely new take on the U.S. political system. To help you out with your reasoning, here are a few reasons why you ought to watch House Of Cards. Sorry for the spoilers though.


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Each time you watch the show, you have a new perspective on the politics inside the White House. We know its fictional but, wow! Its mesmerizing to watch the ideas develop, shift and change to negotiations. It gives you a taste of shady politics with a new cringe-worthy portrayal of political wheeling and dealing.


Robin Wright delivers a brilliant performance as Claire underwood, wife of the Congressman. From the start of the season, it is clear that she is a force to be reckoned with. Along with her husbad, Francis Underwood, the duo form a deadly couple. Kevin Spacey is fantastic with his role as Congressman Underwood. Spacey dleivers a role so perfectly that it is bound to leave you mesmerized. Then there are the astounding performances by great supporting actors like Kate Mara, Corey Stoll and Michael Kelly. Stoll is stunning as a drug and alcohol addicted representative Peter Russo.


Underwood has one of the best lines in the show. The sharp one liners are just insanely crisp and creative! “There are two kinds of pain,” he says. “Pain that makes you strong or useless pain. I have no patience for useless things. Moments like this require someone who will act, who will do the unpleasant thing, the necessary thing.”

This show is sieved with fantastic phrases from Frank Underwood.


The best reason to watch House Of Cards is the cast. This bunch of brash, bold and ambitious complicated lot is to look out for.  Some are despicable in their support to Congressman Underwood while others are acquiescent or naively ambitious. The story calls to questions our judgment of right and wrong vs. ethical and unethical.


Claire and Frank share a relationship not many can handle or accept. They hold a deep mutual respect can do anything for each other. Their respect is of that enormity that they accept everything and anything one is willing to do to achieve mutual benefit. Sexual fidelity in marriage doesn’t affect them. Insane! The gritty backdoor details and the dirty laundry, works well with them. All of this leaves you wondering ‘why’ and see more.


The delivery of the one-liners is a joy! When Frank speaks those statements it seems as of he is sharing a secret with us. He often breaks the “fourth wall” to clue us into the action. It helps him deliver us a moment of truth before delivering a crushing lie to the face of another character. Nevertheless, it feels we are along the ride and not just watching the action.


If you want to see a version of politics with happy endings, then this might not be the show for you. The show provides a political system that does not flinch nor hold punches inside the federal walls; the version is hard to watch and extreme sometimes but highly entertaining! Who doesn’t like lots of thrill! After each episode you will walk away with a hard lesson.

Have you watched House Of Cards? What do you think of it?