The perfect denim shorts according to your body type

Summers are here and so is the season of wearing shorts. Do you know what kind of shorts would fit you best? From preppy to edgy, curvy to petite, we have found out the perfect denim shorts to match your personality and style.


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If you are short

Cropped knee length shorts that go under the knee are to be avoided at all cost, as they will make you look shorter. Irrespective of your height, shorts hitting your midway are the most flattering. To appear longer while wearing shorts, choose a high-waisted pair with short seam and pair with heels to accentuate your height.

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If you are curvy

You should show off your curves, however when it comes to shorts, you should choose one that enhances your figure and doesn’t make you look bulkier. The cut is crucial for you. Choose a short of mid-rise style, which isn’t too tight. Look for the one with pleats and a belted waistband to highlight your best assets.  Dark colors are great especially for small chested women wearing a light top.

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If you are pear shaped

Shorts with high-rise of 9.5 inches, with hip pockets are perfect for those who are heavy at the bottom.

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If you are petite

It can be a pain for finding the perfect short for those of us who are petite. Get a high-waist short of at least 9 inches to balance your body proportion. Embrace the shorts with shorter inseams to look taller.

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If you have long legs

For those with long legs, you can wear shorts with longer length. Ultra short shorts will show too much leg, however if you are long and lean, you got to show it off. Highlight your best asset- your beautiful long legs by opting in for long walking shorts. Walking shorts end few inches above the knee and are great to invest in.

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If you are boy shaped

Well if you don’t have curves, we can still find a perfect short for you.  Look for denim shorts in soft chambray fabric with pockets at the back. Pleats give the illusion of an hourglass figure. You can team it with printed or plain fitted shirt.

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Contrary to what most people think, shorts aren’t just a casual wear. You can easily wear them to a party with the right accessories. Use belt or shorts with embellishments, floral prints etc. to add more spice to your look. For those wearing high-waisted shorts, pair it with a crop tee or a bra top with an open jacket.