8 Tips for Morning Workout Motivation

8 Tips for Morning Workout motivation

This post is about how I motivated myself to workout in the mornings. As a 20 something who is living in a big city with a hectic work schedule, squeezing a morning workout is difficult. Sometimes the choice between going to gym or hanging out with friends is a tough decision. I am not at all a morning person and getting up in the morning is a big ordeal for me. So as a part of my new year resolution this year, I promised myself to master the habit of working out in the morning.

For me waking up in the morning is a torture. It’s like I am fighting with my self and struggling to get out of bed and be motivated enough to go out. Although on days I do succeed in my endeavors, it still is a constant struggle for me to avoid slipping through. Well, I am still learning to master this game, here are some tips and tricks that have helped me successfully incorporate a morning routine and gave me morning workout motivation.

#1 Multiple Alarms

Set at least five or six alarms every fifteen minutes, starting half an hour before you want to get up. My body is just not ready to hit the gym in the morning and hitting snooze doesn’t help. To get into the habit, flood your clock with multiple irritating alarms so that you can get up. You will be happier after the workout.

#2 Pack your gym bag at night

Getting all your stuff together in the morning is a big ordeal. Try to make sure all your essentials like resistance bands and water bottles are in your gym bag. If you’re planning on doing intensive upper body workout, then you might need a golfers elbow brace how to wear it description first, before you make that addition to your essentials as well. If all these things are packed the night before and is kept within reach, you are more likely to head out of the door in time.

#3 Find a workout buddy

Some days might be really challenging and you might it difficult to leave the comfort of your bed. But when you have a workout buddy who is depending on you to show up, its enough motivation to pull yourself together. Convince your friend to join you and you wouldn’t be missing gym.

#4 Reduce travel-time

Find a gym, which is a quick commute so that you do not give yourself excuses about the travel time. Even if you are short on time, you can just slip into one of your womens tracksuits and go for a jog or do some yoga at home.

#5 Join classes at the gym

Joining classes and not showing up has serious consequences at my gym. This kind of ultimatum ensures that I am more likely to get out of my home in time for these group classes.

#6 Reward Yourself

If you meet your goals and are able to get up early four or five times a week, its time to reward yourself. Do something nice for yourself by indulging in a manicure, watching a new movie with friends, going for bowling, shopping for new workout outfit, spa etc. Do whatever motivates you and it will be easier for you to get out of the bed.

#7 Sleep Early

While it might be difficult for you to sleep early, it will be gradually better. Your body takes time to adjust to the new schedule. Turn off your TV and laptop an hour before going to bed and you will be able to sleep earlier than your regular schedule. When you exercise you will sleep better and waking up the next day wouldn’t be such a pain.

#8 Workout Music

Music is the best motivator for my workouts. Working out on my favorite songs makes me happy and less grumpy in the morning. Loading your workout music on your IPod can be enough to get out of the bed.